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How to Hide Old Unwanted Facebook Posts From Your Profile



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You can now be able to hide your old unwanted Facebook posts with the use of the “Manage Activity” feature in Facebook.

We often post our day-to-day activities on Facebook in order to showcase our lifestyle which with time we may regret posting some of those pictures or you got an information that your potential employer wants to view your Facebook profile to know the kind of person you are.

One of the way to get rid of those pictures is by deleting them, but what if they give you memory of your past and you don’t want to delete them completely. This is where the Manage Activity tool comes in.

The tool gives you the ability to delete pictures in bulk based on criteria like posts with certain people, or posts between certain time span.

You can delete, curate, and basically revamp your own digital footprint on Facebook. You can archive the posts that you don’t want others to see, but don’t want to delete them either. You can even choose to trash them if you want. But if you change your mind about deleting those posts, you can retrieve them from the trash within 30 days, unless you have manually deleted that post from the trash as well.

If you want to use this tool, you have to follow these simple steps:

How to hide old unwanted Facebook posts from your profile using “Manage Activity” Feature

Step 1: Open Facebook and open your profile

Step 2: Tap on Activity Log>Manage Activity>Your Posts

Step 3: Tap on Filters and choose from “People” or “Date” if you have any criteria for organising your posts or you can tap on “categories” and choose which posts do you want to curate from options: All, Text updates, check-ins, notes and more, Photos and videos and Posts from other apps

Step 4: Now just select the posts and tap on “Archive” or “Trash” options at the bottom, to organise the posts.

With the aforementioned steps you will be able to get rid of old unwanted posts from you Facebook profile.

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