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How to Change Languages on Facebook



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Facebook has numerous languages you can choose from for better user experience. You can change from English to any language of your choice including your native language.

If you are searching on how to change language on Facebook, you are at the right place because I will be showing you everything you need to know on how you can achieve that in this article.

How to change language on Facebook mobile app

1.   Open the Facebook app and login.

2.   Tap the Menu button (three dots), located at the top right corner of the app.


3.   Scroll down to “Settings & Privacy”.

4.   On the “Setting & Privacy Menu”, tap on Language.

5.   A page with list of languages will appear, just tap on any language of your choice to apply them.

6.   After choosing the language, you Facebook app will reload automatically. That’s all, you are done.



How to change language on Facebook browser

1.   Visit the Facebook page and login

2.   Click on the small dropdown arrow button at the top right corener.

3.   Click on Settings & Privacy


4.   A list of items will display, just click on Language.

5.   Choose your preferred language by clicking on Edit.

6.   After selecting your preferred language, click on Save and Facebook will automatically reload taking you back to homepage. That’s all, You are done.



Hope you were able to change your Facebook language to your desired language using the aforementioned simple and easy steps. It’s really a pleasure helping you out.




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1 Comment

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