Money Making Apps for Your Android Phone

In recent times, be it for personal or business purposes, the use of mobile phones for everyday activities cannot be overemphasized. A startling statistics shows that phone users spend an average of 3hrs 15mins per day on their phones further reaffirms this position.

So, if you spend this number of hours on your phone, won’t it be nice to earn extra cash with it in your spare time? Your answer is as good as mine.

However, you don’t need to start searching the internet for android and iPhone apps that can earn you extra cash.

Here is a carefully worked out list to help you achieve such purpose. You can earn extra cash with these categories of android and iPhone apps in your spare time.

Cashback and reward apps

These apps are fast replacing coupons as they are the new rewards card. You can get up to 50% of cashback when you make a purchase in the online or offline outlets like gas stations, restaurants etc. that are partners of the program.

The apps have actually changed the way buyers shop and save cash through interactive fun games. Examples are Dosh, Top cashback etc.


Money making android apps with dosh

With this app, you can get cash directly to your card whenever you fill your gas tanks, shop and eat out. Also, you get a $5 bonus when you make referrals to your friends.




cashback app

TopCashBack is one the best apps that fall under this category. All you need to do is to download the app from Google PlayStore for Android users or App store for iPhone users , register and start shopping online through the app and earn cash back. It even go further with online coupon codes.


Sell your personal stuff

You can easily make money with the apps in this category by selling stuff you don’t need. Why allow stuff you don’t need any more rot away when you can earn a few just by putting it out there using these apps.

Examples are Etsy, LetGo etc.


letsgo app for making money

With this app, you can locate customers nearby through geographical search. By so doing, you get in touch with customers and sell whatever you want really fast.


This app is made specifically for sellers. It helps you to easily manage your business on the go, responds to customers and manage your orders.


Simple job accumulators

While you won’t necessarily earn a fortune using this app. It depends largely on how much time you can spare to take up tasks like babysitting, delivery guy and dog walk outside the app to earn.

Also, you can earn by watching a number of commercials on your phone. Examples are Slidejoy, Instacart etc.


Sounds unbelievable but it’s true. You can earn money with your mobile phone by watching and interacting with ads that interest you. As these ads generate revenue for free apps and YouTube video content owners.


Social media networks

With the rise of social media users, popular social media influencers, bloggers make decent amount of money through their social media accounts. Examples are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc.


On Instagram, if you post quality content often, do giveaways that get you tens of thousands of likes and shares per month. That puts you in the bracket of top influencers. As a result, you can earn decent money from brands by promoting their products through your social media account(s).

While bloggers earn a significant amount of revenue through paid ads on their blogs.



Taking surveys, sharing your opinion on goods and services might not earn you tons of cash but something extra to sort maybe phone bills and its likes.

Examples are iPoll, Swagbucks etc.


This app earns you free money by giving feedback and getting paid by brands. Also, the feature called ‘’mission” can earn you extras by doing tasks for people in need of services.



swagbucks android app for making money

By completing surveys, shopping, surfing the internet, watching videos etc. on this app, you earn after the completion of a task. You get to redeem cash rewards through gift cards or your PayPal account.

Be wary of apps that exaggerate potential earnings, that might be a red-flag. Also, do well to check their reviews and business ratings with the Better Business Bureau.


In as much as these apps won’t make you a millionaire. Nevertheless, it’s about time to make the best use of your spare time by using your mobile phone to earn you some extra cash to get you by.


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