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How to Compress Folders or Files to a Zip Archive in Your Windows



How to Compress Folders or Files to a Zip Archive in Your Windows
What is Zip File?
A Zip file is actually a collection of one or more files/folders compressed together into a single file for easy transfer. Zipping of files is very important if you want to save storage space in your hard drive because when all this files are compressed to a single file, their memory space reduces thereby giving you more storage space in your hard drive. It is also crucial when sending file through email, instead of sending individual images or folders, you can zip them together in a single file and transfer them together.
Steps on How to Zip Your Files/Folders
Step1: Select the files/folders you want to compress and right click.


Step2: Select “Send to” option and click on compressed (zipped) folder.
          A Zip folder will automatically be created in the same folder as the files.
Ste3: Type the name you feel like to give the zipped file.
Step4: Then press your enter key or click anywhere in your windows.
          Your .zip file is now ready to use, you can now store it anywhere you want in              your computer and you can also send it through email.


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1 Comment

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