How to Turn-On the On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 7
We all know the normal way of shutting down Windows, by clicking the Start button. But what if your mouse is not working or is broken? I will be showing you how to turn off your windows using some keyboard short-cuts. The most popular one is “Ctrl-Alt-Del” but there are other keyboard short-cuts that allows you restart your Windows.

Keyboard Short-cut Keys to Restart Windows

The following steps will help you solve the issue of how to restart a computer using the keyboard.

·        Alt+F4
1. Press and hold down “Alt” key and then press “F4” key, it closes active windows.

2. Then repeat Step 1 if necessary until all opened windows are closed and a Windows dialog box appears which will ask you “what do you want your computer to do”.
how to restart a computer
3.   Then use the side-arrow key to select “Restart” and press “Enter” key.
       “Windows” “U” “R” Key
1.   Press the Windows key to pull up the start menu.

2.   Press the right-arrow key twice to pop up the power tool menu
how to restart a computer
3.   Then press “R” key to Restart or “U” key to shut-down or you can also use the down arrow-key to select Restart and press “Enter”.
·        Ctrl+Alt+Del
1.   Press and hold “Ctrl” and “Alt” key and then press “Delete” key, a dialog box will appear with several options.
2.   Use the arrow key in your keyboard to select the “Shut Down” option, and then press the “Enter” key. Another window will display with more option.
3.   Then use the “Tab” key to select the drop-down menu, and make use of the “down-arrow” or “up-arrow” to select “Restart” from the menu. Then press “Enter” key to restart your computer.
Tip: Incase if Windows asks if you want to save an open file after you tell it to restart, use the arrow keys to select either “Save” or “Don’t Save,” and then press the “Enter” key.

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