How to Turn-On the On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 7


On-Screen keyboard is a virtual keyboard embedded in Windows 7 that appears on the monitor screen when turned on, it enables you type whenever your physical keyboard is having issues. When turned on, it enables you type with a touch screen or a mouse. On-Screen keyboard serves as substitute for the physical keyboard.
Steps on How to Turn-On the On-Screen Keyboard In Windows 7
Step 1: Click on start button
Step 2: Click on All Programs
Step 3:Scroll down and click on Accessories
Step 4: Click on “Ease of Access” and then click the On-Screen Keyboard option.


            A keyboard appears, floating in the middle of your screen.
            You can now start using it, if you have issues with the size, you can use your mouse              to drag it larger or smaller.
You can also open it by clicking on the start button, then type “On-Screen Keyboard” in the search bar to search for it automatically.


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