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How to Enable and Disable Wi-Fi on a Laptop



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Wi-fi is a wireless networking technology that provides high speed internet and network connections. The term Wi-fi is short for (wireless fidelity).
Many laptops this days comes with Wi-fi as built-in which allows people connect to the internet and share files. There are numerous way to enable and disable Wi-fi on a laptop, I will be running through different ways on how to enable and disable a Wi-fi on a laptop.


How to Enable Wi-fi on a Laptop
The following steps below will guide you on enabling Wi-fi on your laptop
Step 1: By pressing the Wi-fi button on your laptop
Some Laptops today has the Wi-fi button built in on the keyboard which is normally located at the top right corner of the keyboard, while some is attached in the top center of the laptops’ casing. By default the light in the button is usually red which means it’s disabled, then to enable it, you press the button, the Wi-fi enables automatically and the light of the button will be changed to white or blue depending on the laptop. 
Step 2: Enabling it Direct on the Windows
a. Press the “Start” button and select “Control Panel

b. Select “Network and Internet” and click on “Network and Sharing Center”.

c. Select “Change Adapter Settings” option located at the left panel.


d. Right-click on “Wireless Network Connecttion” and select Enable.



a.    Look in the bottom right corner of your laptop screen, you will find the Wi-fi icon, right click on it and select “Open Network and Sharing Center”.


b.    Select “Change Adapter Settings” option located at the left panel.
c.    Right-click on “Wireless Network Connecttion” and select Enable.
Note: When you right-click the Wi-fi icon in Windows 8, check if Airplane Mode is turned on and turn it off to enable the wireless network card.
Step 3: Enabling Wi-fi in Windows Device Manager
a. Click on the “Start” icon and select “Computer”.
b. Click on “System Properties” on the top left corner and select “Device Manager” option.

c. Locate the Wi-fi Adapter in the hardware devices, right-click on it and select enable.



How to Disable Wi-fi on a Laptop
Follow the above steps to disable the Wi-fi Adapter, now all you have to do is to select the disable option and automatically it will be disabled.


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