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Dfinity Foundation to Integrate Capabilities to Bitcoin Market



Dfinity Foundation to Integrate Capabilities to Bitcoin Market

Dfinity Foundation to Integrate Capabilities to Bitcoin Market

Dfinity Foundation’s Internet Computer blockchain is planning to integrate smart-contract capabilities to the Bitcoin (BTC) network, potentially opening the door to new use cases for the flagship cryptocurrency.

Dfinity Foundation announced yesterday that Internet Computer will utilize its so-called chain key cryptography to integrate with Bitcoin, paving the way for smart contracts with native BTC addresses that are hosted directly on Internet Computer.

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Dominic Williams, the founder and chief scientist of Dfinity Foundation stated, “Internet Computer smart contracts will gain access to bitcoin liquidity, and Bitcoin will gain powerful new smart contract functionality, without the need for insecure and cumbersome trusted bridging services.”

Smart contracts on Internet computers will feature associated BTC addresses, giving them direct access to transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. Transaction finality on Internet Computer takes two seconds, compared with 40 minutes on Bitcoin. To get around this, so-called “Bitcoin banks” can be utilized directly on Internet Computer, enabling swift two-second transactions.

Dfinity’s latest efforts are part of a wider industry initiative to make Bitcoin more accessible for transactions, decentralize finance and Web 3.0.

Asides from ICP, several other developers are in the process of delivering new applications ahead of Bitcoin’s widely anticipated Taproot upgrade later this year. The upgrade received overwhelming support from mining nodes, paving the way for soft-fork activation in November.


Earlier this year, Dfinity Foundation launched a $223 million Developer Ecosystem Program to support further smart contract and blockchain development. The project, which launched in 2014, has received financial backing from some of crypto’s biggest venture firms, including Andreessen Horowitz and Polychain Capital.

Internet Computer’s native token ICP is currently trading $45.95, down 5.67% for the day. Bitcoin is also down 2.51% for the day, currently trading $42,252 as of Wednesday.

Dfinity Foundation to Integrate Capabilities to Bitcoin Market.

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