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Cheapest MTN Data Plan Codes And Data Bonuses To Subscribe 2022



Cheapest MTN Data Plan Codes And Data Bonuses To Subscribe 2022

Cheapest MTN Data Plan Codes And Data Bonuses To Subscribe 2022

Welcome to Flippstack, in this article we will be walking you through cheap MTN data plans and bonuses to subscribe, so make sure to read until the end.

MTN being one of the telecom giants in Nigeria provides suitable data plans for its customers. They provide cheap data bundles that allow their customers to access the internet seamlessly and with their top-notch fast internet sets them ahead.

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Below are Cheapest MTN Data Plan Codes And Data Bonuses for you:

Cheapest MTN Data Plan Codes And Data Bonuses To Subscribe 2022

MTN Daily Data Plans

MTN 25MB For N50

This plan gives you 25megabytes to browse for 50naira spend on airtime. You are expected to browse with caution on this MTN data plan since the bundle volume is low (avoid downloads). Dial *131*114# to subscribe. It’s valid for 24hours.

MTN 75MB For N100 Data Plan

You get 75megabytes for just 50naira to browse the internet. Dial *131*104#. This data plan is valid for 24hours.

MTN 1GB For N350

The MTN data plan is crazy, you’re given 1gigabyte to browse, chat and download your favorite stuff for just 350naira. Dial *131*155#. Last for 24hours.


MTN 200MB For N200

With 200naira airtime recharge on your line, you get 200megabytes on your MTN line and it lasts for 48hours. Dial *131*113# to subscribe to this MTN data plan.

MTN 2GB For N500

On your MTN line, make sure you have up to 500naira. Now, dial *131*154# and you will receive 2gigabytes of data instantly. It lasts for 2days.

MTN Weekly Data Plans

This is the list of MTN data plans provided to give you decent data volumes plus 7days of internet access for a certain amount spent on airtime.

MTN 350MB For N300.

With 300naira recharged on your line, you can get up to 350megabytes by dialing the correct activation code. Dial *131*102# to buy this MTN data plan. It lasts for 7days (one week).


MTN 750MB  For N500.

First, recharge your line with 500naira. Dial *131*103# and you will be given 750megabytes MTN data to browse the internet with ease. Valid for 14days (two weeks).

MTN 500MB + N1000 Talktime For N500.

On this data plan, MTN gives you double benefits. You get 500megabytea plus extra 1000naira free airtime to make calls. Just recharge your line with 500naira or more and dial *131*2# to activate. Valid for 2weeks.

MTN Monthly Data Plans

These MTN data plans give you access to the internet for 30days or more for a particular amount spent on airtime. Take a look at the available MTN data bundles and select your preferred choice.

MTN 1.5GB For N1000

This plan gets you 1.5gigabytes for the cost of 1000naira to browse, connect, and download stuff online. Dial *131*106# to purchase this MTN data plan. Last for 30days.


MTN 2GB For N1200 Data Plan

Dial *131*130# to subscribe. Previously, MTN gives you 1.5gigabytes for 1200naira spent on airtime but right now, everything has changed. You now receive BIG Data.

MTN gives you 2gigabytes on your line for the same amount. And if you are lucky to be part of the selected customers to enjoy DOUBLE data for 6months, MTN will give you 2X in return.

MTN 3.5GB For N2000.

Once you recharge your line with 2000naira, dial *131*110# and you will get a large MTN data plan of 3.5gigabytes on your line. Valid for 30days.

MTN 6.5GB For N3500 Data Plan

You can also get 6.5gigabytes on MTN. Just make sure you have up to 350naira recharged on your line, then dial *131*107# and you will receive the MTN data plan instantly. Valid for 30days.


MTN 11GB For N5000

With 5000naira recharges on your line, you can get 11gigabytes of MTN Data bundle to browse and download your favorite stuff on the internet by dialing *131*116#. Valid for 30days.

MTN 25GB For N10000 Data Plan

MTN has all you want both BIG & Small data plans. Recharge your line with 10000naira, dial *131*117# and you will get 25gigabytes from MTN as soon as possible. Valid for 30days.

MTN 40GB For N15000

Don’t be surprised, this is what it is. As long as your MTN line is loaded with the required amount, you are qualified for this MTN data plan. Just dial *131*150# and you will receive 40gigabytes instantly.

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Full Table Of MTN Data Plans And Prices In Nigeria

75MB NGN50 *131*104# 24hours
1GB NGN350 *131*155# 24hours
200MB NGN200 *131*113# 48hours
350MB NGN300 *131*102# 7days
750MB NGN500 *131*103# 14days
500MB + N1000 Airtime NGN500 *131*2# 14days
1.5GB NGN1000 *131*106# 30days
2️GB NGN1200 *131*130# 30days
3.5GB NGN2000 *131*110# 30days
6.5GB NGN3500 *131*107# 30days
11GB NGN5000 *131*116# 30days
25GB NGN10000 *131*117# 30days
40GB NGN15000 *131*150# 30days
60GB NGN20000 *131*118# 60days
100GB NGN30000 *131*138# 60days
120GB NGN50000 *131*133# 90days
150GB NGN70000 *131*134# 90days
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