Npower Salary Structure 2020/2021 (Npower Batch C)

Npower Salary Structure 2020/2021 (Npower Batch C)

Due to questions we have been receiving from many Npower Batch C applicants on the Salary Structure of the 2020/2021 Batch C Npower Programme, coordinated by the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS), we decided to come up with this article to answer those questions.

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To start with, N-power does not pay Salary. This is because it is not a permanent employment. It is just a poverty alleviation, trainee/job creation or better called, empowerment programme. N-power only pays monthly Stipends to the beneficiaries.

There have been some changes in the current structure of the Npower Programme, it is expected that there will be changes in the Stipends paid to the beneficiaries. Other things affected by the changes are Duration and Devices.

Payment Structure of the Npower Batch C Beneficiaries

Graduate Category: 

Before 2020, there were 3 graduate categories of N-power viz: N-Teach, N-Health and N-Agro. But with the current change, there are only 2 graduate categories of N-power. They are N-Teach and N-Health.

Beneficiaries under the Graduate Category of N-power (N-Teach and N-Health) will be N30,000 only.

Non-Graduate Category: 

Currently, Non-Graduate category of N-power includes N-Agro, N-Build and other Sub-categories of N-power such as N-Creative, N-Tech etc.

All Non-Graduate category of N-power are paid a monthly Stipend of N10,000, unless otherwise stated by the concerned Ministry.

However, sub-categories of N-power such as N-Build, N-Creative, N-Tech have other benefits. For Instance, those in N-Build will recieve Tool Box containing all requisite tools needed in a beneficiary’s department or sector.

Those in N-Creative, N-Tech also recieve tools that enhances each beneficiary’s skills such as a free Laptop.

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Duration of Batch C N-power Programme

The Graduate Category of Batch C N-power Programme will last for exactly 12 Months i.e. 1 year.

The Non-Graduate category will last for only 6 Months.

There will be no possibility for extention as in Batch A as N-power has been institutionalised to welcome a new batch every year.


There will be no Device for the Graduate Category of the Batch C N-power Programme unlike the Batch A which recieved Devices of different sizes and prices.

Added advantages to Sub-categories of Npower such as N-Build, N-Creative, N-Tech still applies.

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