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How to Effectively Resign From Npower Programme



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How to Effectively Resign From Npower Programme

There are procedures involve in Npower resignation many Npower beneficiaries doesn’t have idea of. In this article, we will be walking you through those procedures on how to properly resign from Npower programme.

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Before we continue, let us get understanding on what Npower Resignation is all about


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What is Npower Resignation

Npower Resignation can be said to be a process in which an Npower Volunteer decides to drop off the Npower Programme due to some reason best know to him/her.

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Possible Reasons Why You Want To Resign From Npower Programme

Below are some of the reasons you might want to resign from  the Npower scheme

  1. If you’ve found a new job
  2. If you already have your own business and you want more time to concentrate
  3. If you won a VISA lottery and planning to emigrate to another country.
  4. Asa result of health challenges and you feel you can no longer discharge your duties at your PPA

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How to Effectively Resign From Npower Programme

There are three effective ways to resign/exit from Npower programme which is as follows:

  1. By clicking the resign button within your NPVN Portal
  2. By sending resignation e-mail to [email protected]
  3. Existingby writing a formal letter through your state focal person

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Through the NPVN Portal

This is one of the most effective and easy way to resign or exit from the programme, all you need to do is to login to your dashboard and you will see the “Resign from Program” button, if wish you to resign, click on it and follow the steps below to resign from the programme.

  • Login to your NPVN portal through
  • Click your name by the top right-hand side of the browser
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “resign from N-Power programme” and confirm that you want to exit the programme.
  • That’s all, the control centre will get the notice at the headquarters.

Forwarding a Resignation Letter To Npower Email Address

This second method requires you sending your Resignation Letter to the Npower help desk Email Address.

When writing the letter, your subject should be clearly stated like below:


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“N-power Resignation Letter”
“Emmanuel resigning from N-power job” etc
The body of the letter should be the same as we have above
See the sample below:
Subject: Emmanuel resigning from N-power job
Dear Mr./Ms. (Vocal person name if you know it),
Please accept this letter as formal notification of my resignation from the N-power job initiative programme of this administration. My last day of work will be February
20, 20XX.
Thank you for the support and training that you have provided me since (state your batch) when you officially joined the programme.
My detail is below to assist to facilitate removal of my name from your payroll:
Your full name as it is in your NPVN Portal
Your BVN
Your PPA:
State (LG):
Your Npower programme: N-Teach or N-Agro etc
Phone number:

Firstname Lastname
[email protected]
Phone number
Send this mail to: [email protected]

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Writing a formal letter through your state focal person

This method involves writting a resignation letter through the head of your PPA to your State Focal Person. This method you are likely to get a quick response.Your letter gives them the official notice that you are leaving N-power job.

What to Include when you’re resigning from N-Power Programme.

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You’re not under any obligation to disclose your new working place. What N-power wants to see is that you’re quitting.


You only need to include the fact of your resignation, your last day of work, and your best wishes for a smooth transition.

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