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Crystal Muslim Organization (CMO) 2021 15th Annual Essay Competition



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Crystal Muslim Organization (CMO) 2021 15th Annual Essay Competition

CRYSTAL MUSLIM ORGANIZATION presents The 15th Annual Essay Competition 2021 themed “The Society and Parents as Key Character Influencers of the Youth”

The aim of our Annual Essay Competition is to encourage Muslim Youths to learn more about Islam. We work to encourage youths to get familiar with Islamic publications and imbibe the culture of research and reading.

We also encourage the participation of non-Muslims to help them understand the Islamic way of life as we believe that through proper knowledge and understanding of our religions, we can create a peaceful coexistence between us.


The CMO Essay Competition Is In Four (4) Categories:

  1. Category A: Primary school pupils (250-300 words).
  2. Category B: Junior Secondary School Students (500-700 words).
  3. Category C: Senior Secondary School Students (800-1000 words).
  4. Category D: Tertiary Institutions (1300-1500 words).

The best three entries in each category will be shortlisted. The winner of the best entry in each category will be contacted via phone and/or email some weeks before the Seminar date.

The winners or their representative must be in attendance on the day of the Seminar. This is a condition that must be fulfilled.

Aim and Benefits of CMO Annual Essay Competition

CMO will present the competition winners with prizes at the Annual Youth Essay Competition Prize Presentation and Seminar Day. This special event is an opportunity for CMO to acknowledge the winners. It is a free event open to all (participants and non-participants). The winners will be contacted weeks before the Seminar date. The winner in each category will have the opportunity to present his/her essay at the seminar.

Requirements for CMO Annual Essay Competition Qualification

  1. This essay competition is an International Competition open to all.
  2. Every essay must include a contact address, phone number and email address of the writer.
  3. Each participant must download and complete the BIO-DATA FORM (Category A-C only).
  4. Each participant for Category D must submit a Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  5. Categories A-C entries with incomplete Bio Data forms or Category D without resume will be disqualified.
  6. Essays must be submitted in MS Word and PDF format.
  7. Entries for submission should be saved using this format: First Name, Email Address and Phone Number.
  8. Essay must be the work of the participant. Plagiarism will result in instant disqualification of participant.
  9. The three best essays in each category will be eligible for prizes subject to terms and c
  10. The overall winner of each category will be invited to present his/her essay at the Essay Prize Presentation and Seminar Day.
  11. The Prize Presentation and Seminar Day is a free event open to all. All you are required to do is pre-register to attend

Interview date, Process and Venue for CMO Annual Essay Competition

Guidelines for Scoring

To ensure that all participants are scored fairly, CMO has devised a unique process of scoring each essay eliminating marker bias.


The marking criteria are:

  1. Adherence to recommended size of essay (10)
  2. Introduction (5)
  3. Grammar/Word usage (10)
  4. Content (20)
  5. Spelling (15)
  6. Relevance to the topic (10)
  7. Reference from the Qur’an & Sunnah (20)
  8. Neatness (5)
  9. Conclusion (5)

Application Deadline

The deadline is March 1, 2021.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified? Go to Crystal Muslim Organization (CMO) on to apply

The word counts for the categories are:

  1. Category A: (300 words maximum)
  2. Category B: (500 – 700 words)
  3. Category C: (800 – 1000 words)
  4. Category D: (1,300 – 1,500 words)


  1. There will be no extension of deadline date. Late submission will result in disqualification of participant.
  2. You are advised to try and submit your essay before the deadline date to avoid issues of overcrowded network.
  3. This competition is not open to Islamic scholars, PHD Holders and Lecturers.
  4. You will not be required to pay any money or perform any task that will require you to part with money or properties before you can be confirmed as a CMO essay competition winner.
  5. You will be required to foot your transportation and any other incidental cost that you will incur in attending the Seminar.

For more details, visit CMO website



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