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CHEVENING 2021 Essay Competition for Nigerian Undergraduate



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CHEVENING 2021 Essay Competition for Nigerian Undergraduate

TOPIC: Alternative Narratives to illegal Migration Amongst Young People in Nigeria

The essay seeks to stimulate thoughts on illegal migration, especially amongst young people, towards preventing the occurrence, and for providing options to breaches of immigration regulations.

The options should not only help stop the risks that it exposes perpetrators to, but should offer alternative ideas on earning a living, aside from the belief that the option can only be elsewhere. It seeks to challenge the youths on creating and harnessing opportunities in the local environment, and to envision migration from the legal path, if desired.

The focus of the essay is on emphasizing the risks of illegal migration by deepening knowledge on other possibilities.

Aim and Benefits of Chevening Essay Competition

The overarching objective of the competition is to;

  1. Generate ideas that will be helpful for CAAN future engagement with the private sector, the Nigerian government and multilateral agencies on curbing illegal migration.
  2. Foster deeper inter-generational learning throughinteractions between CAAN members and the younger generations.
  3. Encourage young Nigerians to engage in the discussion of a core trans-national governance issue, ahead of future leadership roles.

Prices and rewards

  1. 1st Place prize: A Laptop and 1-month Data subscription.
  2. 2nd Place Prize: A Tablet and 1-month Data subscription.
  3. 3rd Place prize: A Smart Phone and 1-month Data subscription.
  4. Prizewinners will receive a Certificate of Good Performance

Requirements for Chevening Essay Competition Qualification

Undergraduate students in Nigerian public and private universities and in other tertiary institutions of learning

Application Deadline

The deadline January 18, 2021

How to Apply

Interested and qualified? Go to Chevening on to apply

Essay Guidelines

  1. Not more than 2000 words, including references
  2. Must be original, as essay will be subjected to credit reference checks.
  3. Typed and double-spaced.
  4. Appropriate use of examples and illustrations
  5. Creative and engaging, with realistic solutions to the migration saga.
  6. Comprehensive prose.

Interested and qualified persons should click the button below to Submit Essay.

For more details, click here

CHEVENING 2021 Essay Competition for Nigerian Undergraduate



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