How to Set a Password in Windows


Setting a password on your windows helps protect your laptop from intruders. It makes possible for intruders not to gain access to your Laptop. You can set your password in Windows by using the following steps below.

Steps on How to Set a Password in Windows

Step 1:Click the “Start” button and then click on “Control Panel”.
Step 2:Click on “User Accounts and Family Safety”.
Step 3:Click on “Create Password”
Step 4:Enter your password in the text box. Try to use both letters, numbers and symbols in other to make your password stronger for intruders.
Step 5:Enter your password hint and then click on “Create Password”.
Step 6:You can now restart your computer and login with your password.
Avoid using your name or your companies name because it can be easily predicted by an intruder.


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