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NPower: Why Prospective Applicants Should Choose Non-Graduate Category Over Graduate Category Even As A University Graduate



NPower Stipend Payment News For Today 21st March 2023


Are you planning to apply for the Npower programme in the future? if your answer is yes, then this article is for you as we will be walking you through why it’s advisable to apply for the Non-Graduate Category Over Graduate Category even as a University Graduate, so make sure you read until the end.

It’s no longer news that the NPower programme is made up of graduate trainee and non-graduate trainee categories in which the graduate category include the N-health, N-teach and N-agro while the non-graduate includes N-Knowledge: N-Tech Software, Hardware, N-Creative; and N-Build.

The N-Agro as one of the Graduate Categories currently has non-graduate participants due to the high importance of agriculture in national development. This crop of participants asides from low pay of N10,000 would receive the same end treatment as the Graduate Category.

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Why Prospective Applicants Should Choose Non-Graduate Category Over Graduate Category Even As A University Graduate

Looking at the different areas in the graduate Npower programme, you will agree with me that it focuses mainly on payment of N30,000 than acquiring skills while the non-Graduate category focuses on skills than money.

In this current economy, what is N30,000 to a graduate especially the high price of foodstuffs in the market. In the same N30,000 as a graduate, you will be expected to dress neatly when ordinary plain trousers cost N5,500 and Keke ride from pole to pole is N100.

You will still be monitored and expected to go to your PPA every day. Let’s not talk about having a girlfriend or family you need to cater for.

The graduate category Npower beneficiaries live on nothing while feeling like something, only smiling real when N30,000 drops, a week after, continue to live in the hope of another N30,000. Before you know it, a year is gone.


Sorry to hurt anybody, the Graduate Npower Programme has no future for any of the participants. They promise a transition programme that has never been granted to any batch.

The batch C Npower beneficiaries may envy batch A and B that they enjoyed many years in the programme forgetting that thousands of the previous Npower beneficiaries are back in the job market after the termination of their programmes.

But on the contrary, the non-Graduate category of Npower presents more future to the participants as skills is the bedrock of self-reliance and financial freedom.

Everyone has the ability of being multi-skilled. Your money can be stolen but with your skills, you make more money.


Taking on the N-Tech hardware/software or N-Creative for instance, there is the opportunity of being trained in-house for 3 months on Website Development, App Development, 3 D animation and many needed digital skills the world is looking for.

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After that, you move into the on-the-job training where you can put all learnt into practice and acquire practical experience for 6 months.

While in the Training Camp for 3 months, each participant is granted an N30,000 allowance except for participants from other States who receive N40,000. While still in the place of assignment, each participant is paid a N10,000 Monthly Stipend.


Every one of the participants is entitled to tools that will enhance his/her training such as a Laptop worth more than N100,000 which we all know when a tool is in the hands of one who can use it, then he/she can make a living with it but when a tool lands in the hands of one who doesn’t know how to use it, it will end as seeds cast on stones.

That was the case of many batch A and B graduate Npower beneficiaries. They were gifted powerful Tablets but many lacked the knowledge of what it could be used for. They sold it for money but go to Cyber Cafe to apply for jobs.



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