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NPower Stipend Payment News For Today 4th September 2023



NPower Stipend Payment News For Today 4th September 2023

NPower Stipend Payment News For Today 4th September 2023

Welcome to Flippstack, we have gathered all the latest NPower Stipend Payment news for Npower Batch C2 today, 4th September 2023, Npower Batch C2 3 Months Payments, so make sure you read till the end.

NPower Stipend Payment News For Today 4th September 2023

Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation Dr Betta Edu Sends New Message To Npower Beneficiaries

The Honourable Minister Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation Dr Betta Edu has finally spoken about the N-power stipend payment delay.

According to Dr. Betta Edu, the challenges faced in terms of Npower stipend payment delay are being addressed. We will change the modalities so that people will get their delayed stipends, include more people and relaunch it with a renewed hope concept. She stated this during her latest engagement with Radio Nigeria a few days ago.

She further stated that Nigerians should rest assured that all existing empowerments within the National Investment Programme will be rejigged, made more effective and cover more Nigerians.

This clarifies the changes that have been taking place on the Nasims self-service portal dashboard. The ongoing preselection and validation of applicants to Beneficiaries.

Some preselected applicants’ status has changed from applicant to Beneficiary. As such, beneficiaries are advised to always ensure that they stay updated on the Nasims self-service portal

Logging into NASIMS SSP Portal –

To access the portal, you can easily use your phone or mobile device. Once the portal loads, all you have to do is log in using your ID and password on the nasims portal.

For direct access to the new NPower NASIMS website, go to Please log in now and update any necessary details. Follow these steps to log in:

  1. Open your web browser and go to or
  2. A list will appear; find Npower and select it by clicking the circle next to it. Then, click “Continue.”
  3. You’ll see a login page. Enter your email and password to access the portal.

The upgraded portal will provide clearer insights into the NSIP program’s functioning.

N-power May Soon Recruit 2023 Batch Under Tinubu Administration

With few months left for the Npower batch C2 to complete their 1-year empowerment program and the changes that are ongoing with the Nasims self-service portal, there is a possibility that the new batch of 2023 might be enrolled under the Administration of President Tinubu.

The Npower programme which was initiated by the former Administration of President Buhari in 2016 has enrolled 3 batches of volunteers in the program since its inception. They are batches A, B, and the current batch C.

The Npower programme was initiated to provide the youthful vibrant Nigerian youths with employability and entrepreneurship skills to help them become employable or entrepreneurs.

More than a million youths have benefited in both the Graduate and Non-graduate categories of the N-power program. The graduate categories receive N30000 monthly stipends while the non-graduate category receives N10000 monthly stipends.

Though there is no official statement as regards the future of the Npower program under this new Administration because fresh payment has not been approved yet as beneficiaries of batch C are yet to receive their 8 monthly backlog payment.

Furthermore, while there is every possibility that new recruitment might soon take place, it is also important to note that there is no current 2023 recruitment of applicants that is on.

Things You Must Know About Npower Validation Link

For the Npower volunteers who do not know much about this, here are 5 Things You Must Know About Npower Validation Link:

1. The Npower validation link is for only unvalidated Npower beneficiaries and Npower preselected applicants to validate their accounts.

2. The Npower validation link is not created to recruit new beneficiaries. It is meant for unpaid or preselected beneficiaries whose data is already captured in the Nasims portal.

3. The original Npower validation link is

4. Any Npower beneficiary who has received his or her stipends don’t need to validate again.

5. More than 55,256 Npower unpaid beneficiaries have been paid Via the validation link.


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