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5 Simple Ways To Make Your Cooking Gas Last Longer



5 Simple Ways To Make Your Cooking Gas Last Longer

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Cooking Gas Last Longer

Welcome to Flippstack, In this article, we will be walking you through simple ways which you can adopt when using your cooking gas in order to make it last longer for you.

It’s no longer news that the cost of refilling cooking gas is at its highest rate and Nigerians are finding it difficult to now use gas cookers at home due to the high price, some have switched to Stove while some have gone native to firewood.

However, after going through this article, you will surely know how to manage your cooking gas to last longer for you but before we go to the business of the day, let’s have an idea of the price of refilling cooking gas as of today.


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Price of Cooking Gas in Nigeria

1kg = ₦800

2kg = ₦1,600

3kg = ₦2,400


5kg = ₦4000

6kg = ₦4,800

10kg = ₦8000

12kg = ₦9,600


12.5kg = ₦1000

50kg = ₦40,000

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Cooking Gas Last Longer

1. Cook in Low Heat

You can all agree with me that cooking on a low flame helps your gas last longer. Ensure to turn your gas down to a low flame in order to save your gas.

2. Make Use Of Metal-Made Cooking Pots

Choice of cooking pot also plays a major role in saving you more gas. Stop using pots that have poor heat conductivity because they are difficult to heat up, thereby wasting your gas. Always make use of stainless steel because they are excellent heat conductors and make your food cook faster.


3. Make Use Of Pots That Covers The Burner

Stop making use of a tiny bottom pan over a large burner, it consumes waste your gas faster, because the flames that reach the side of the pot are useless for cooking and will just add to the waste. So in order to save gas, always use a pot that completely covers the burner for effective cooking and economical gas utilization.

4. Defrost frozen foods before cooking

Instead of heating the frozen food to defrost, it’s advisable you take a few minutes to allow it to defrost before cooking. If you defrost frozen food before cooking, it allows you to get the most out of your cooking gas by reducing the amount of heat energy necessary to bring it down to room temperature.

5. Always Maintain and Service Your Gas Tank Regularly

Regularly inspect and service the regulator, as well as the pipes or hoses for blockages and leaks, to ensure safety and maximize your cooking gas. Always ensure the regulator is turned off properly after cooking to avoid waste.

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