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Fuel Scarcity: How to Survive The Heat in Nigeria



Fuel scarcity: How to Survive The Heat in Nigeria

Fuel scarcity: How to Survive The Heat in Nigeria

After the contaminated fuel was imported into Nigeria, there has been fuel scarcity not only in Lagos or Abuja but also in other states.
Some people pay as much as N500 for a liter while some are not even getting attended to by fuel attendants.

The weather in Nigeria at the moment is pretty hot! Many have said there is no power supply from PHCN nor is their fuel to power their generators. So, how do we survive the heat?

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Here are some ways to survive this heat season:

Shower as many times as you can! But I’m in the office, do I have to remove my shorts before surviving? NO!
You can shower as many times as possible when you are in the comfort of your house. However, there is something you can do if you are at the office. If your office is cooled with the air conditioner, lucky you, but if not, go into the gents, rinse your face with water and sprinkle a little water on your hair.

Avoid thick shirts and sweatshirts. For goodness sake, you do not hop and jump about in the sun covered with sweatshirts and turtlenecks. Wear light clothes and avoid black shirts this period. Also, avoid wearing your jackets out in the sun unless you are moving in a private car.

Get yourself a coloured handkerchief. I am guessing you already know why. This allows you to clean your face as many times as possible before giving it a wash. I am not encouraging poor hygiene, only stating the obvious. Get a coloured handkerchief you can use to wipe your sweat without feeling awkward.

Get a rechargeable fan. This can either be a rechargeable hand fan or a house fan. You can use the hand fan whenever you are home and use the house fan whenever you are in.

Don’t forget to get yourself a solar this period that can power your fan and other gadgets. Luckily we now have affordable solar which can be installed and managed moderately. Remember to always cut your coat according to your cloth.

Fuel scarcity: How to Survive The Heat in Nigeria

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