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NPower Batch C: Reasons Why You Might Not Be Enlisted



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Reasons Why Npower Batch C Candidate Might Not Be Enlisted

There are different reasons why you might not be enlisted for batch C applicants, I will be walking you through some of those reasons, If you are among the Npower Batch C applicants, make sure to read to the end.

If you don’t know your screening date for batch c applicants, Click the following link NPower Batch C Screening Date – Check Your Date

NPower has been a measure President Muhammadu Buhari led government has been using to empower youths and reduce the high rate of unemployment. The scheme which was created as a component of the National Social Investment Program, to provide a structure for large-scale and relevant work skills acquisition and development and to ensure that each participant will learn and practice most of what is necessary to find or create work.


Below are the various reasons why you might be automatically disqualified from being enlisted in the final list of successful candidates.

Reasons Why Npower Batch C Candidate Might Not Be Enlisted

  1. Failure to write the aptitude test: One of the reasons you might not be enlisted is failure to write the aptitude test which is the major thing you have to do before being accepted. Imagine not writing exams in your school and you’re expecting to be promoted, you’re planning to fail.
  2. Age Issue: Npower has made it known to applicants that the age bracket is from 18-35years. So if you are applying, make sure to take note of that to avoid being disqualified.
  3. Issue of fake documents: Applicants should make sure they are applying with a correct document because in any way the scheme officials notice a sign of a fake document during screening, you are disqualified.
  4. Failure to provide your documents: Also Applicants who do not provide their documents during the screening will also be disqualified.
  5. Applicants who already have a Job: Any applicant who is already gainfully employed will be disqualified because the scheme is primarily for unemployed youths.
  6. Unmatched documents: When applying, don’t try to fake your details, such as state of origin, name, age, etc. because it will only lead you to be disqualified.

In order to be enlisted, please try as much as possible to avoid the aforementioned reasons.

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