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Some Amazing Health Benefits Of Tiger-nut



Health Benefits Of Tiger nut

Some Amazing Health Benefits Of Tiger-nut

Tiger nut (Cyperus Esculentus) which is also known as earth diamonds, chufa, yellow nuts edge, is said not to be a nut but small root vegetables or rather edible tubers with a flavor and taste of both almond and coconut. It earned the name Tiger nut from its tiger striped coat. They can be eaten freshly when dug out of the ground and properly washed, or boiled, roasted or juiced which happens to be the most loved of it all. It can also be processed into tiger nut milk and flour.

Jack Sims who happens to be the man to launch America’s First tiger nut company confirmed that tiger nut has been in existence for over 4000 years and still existing. He also said that this amazing edible tuber served as a very vital component of our fore father’s diets.

This tiny edible tubers are said to be high in fiber and very low in calories and fat. But, What are the actual health benefits of Tiger nut???

For being low in fats and calories,tiger nuts are said to be very active in weight reduction because of it’s ability to reduce blood sugar spikes and keeping the body full. It also stimulates the growth of bacteria in the digestive tract, it achieves this feet by acting as a pre-biotic to the body.

It’s been confirmed that an ounce of freshly harvested tiger nut contains about 100+ calories and about 10 grams of fiber, 8 grams of natural sugar, 7 grams of fat with most being oleic acid (which has been confirmed through series of researches to be able to reduce fat and shrinks your appetite to the lowest rate making weight loss process very active). This edible tubers also contains tons of minerals and vitamins, examples being iron and magnessium.

Tiger nuts happens to be a very rich source of antioxidants which protects the body from deadly diseases like cancer and heart disease and also protects the body from aging. This antioxidants in tiger nuts are increased in their early germinating stages prior to eating them and roasting it prior to eating it reduces their anti-nutrient levels, and makes it easier for the body to absorb and use the lots of amazing nutrients it contains.

Tiger nut is said to have the ability to promote a very healthy digestion. They are high in insoluble fiber that passes undigested through your gut. And this fibers adds to our stools and makes food move effortlessly through our gut and that reduces the likelihood of constipation.

The high fiber content of this tuber (Tiger nut) slows down the absorption of sugar in the gut making it a sure means to help keep your sugar level in check. Tiger nuts is a sure source of the almighty amino acid arginine which increases insulin production and sensitivity, both of which are very vital in blood sugar control.

Tiger nut is known to be a sure tested, confirmed and trusted libido booster, it has a reputable history of being used as that. In some parts of the world, Mainly in Nigeria,the men there have often used tiger nut to boost their urge for sex and to treat erectile dis-function. It has passed for many tests carried out on it concerning this fact, many tests has even gone as far as confirming that tiger nuts helps in preserving produced sperm following a heavy metal poisoning and it also preserves testicular weight.

It’s advisable to eat at least an ounce of tiger nut daily.



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