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Universities in Canada that Accept HND, 2:2, 3rd Class For Masters in 2024



Universities in Canada that Accept HND

Universities in Canada that Accept HND, 2:2, 3rd Class For Masters in 2024

This article contains a complete list of Canadian colleges and universities that accept applicants with third-class or third-division qualifications for master’s degrees.

Canada is an excellent country to live, work, and study. Canada ranks first on the list of countries where people wish to work and immigrate for a variety of reasons, including its stable government, excellent quality of life, and educational opportunities. This page discusses Canadian colleges and institutions that admit third-class students for master’s programs.

Canada is one of the top destinations for overseas students seeking higher education. Canada provides cheap and high-quality higher education in English. If you want to study in Canada and are seeking universities that accept third-class master’s degrees, this list can help.

If you wish to study in Canada but are dissatisfied with your A-level grades, don’t worry. Many Canadian universities will accept third-class degrees in their Masters programs. Continue reading to learn about the available options, their locations, and prices.

A third-class honours bachelor’s degree is accepted as sufficient for admission to postgraduate programs at colleges and universities across Canada. The list of Canadian universities that accept 3rd class honours bachelor’s degrees is intended to assist you make an informed decision when applying to a Masters program in Canada.

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Why You Need To Choose Canada as a Study Destination

Canada is one of the countries in the globe gaining the most attention in terms of study abroad programs. People who desire to pursue a master’s degree in their chosen field of study often look first to Canadian universities to meet their educational requirements.

Education in Canada is regarded as among the greatest in the world due to its emphasis on research and high standards. It is ideal to depict Canada as welcoming to international students while also being safe, secure, healthy, multicultural, and diverse.

Many people consider that Canada is one of the most ideal countries to live in. Every year, hundreds of international students apply to study at Canadian universities. It should come as no surprise that a large number of Canadian colleges are ranked among the top 100 universities in the world.

Universities in Canada that Accept HND, 2:2, 3rd Class For Masters in 2024

1. College of New Caledonia

2. New Brunswick Community College

3. Lambton College

4. Niagara College

5. North Atlantic College

6. Algonquin College

7. Humber College

8. Seneca College

9. Lethbridge College

10. Camosun

11. York University

12. University Of Saskatchewan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Third-Class Student Pursue a Master’s Degree in Canada?

If you hold an HND or a third-class degree, Canadian schools will not accept you immediately into a master’s program. However, you can apply for a postgraduate diploma, as well as certification programs and post-degree certificates. There is no straight path from HND or Third Class to a Master’s degree at any of these institutions.

Is a Third-Class Degree a Failure?

This degree, often known as a “third” or “3rd,” requires a mark of 40 to 50 percent and is the honors degree with the lowest attainable grade. A 3rd Class degree certificate does not indicate failure.


Canada is an economically powerful nation with over 5% of the world’s natural resources. It has a great educational system and quality higher education. You can apply for a Master’s program in Canada if you have a third-class honors degree from your home country. We have included numerous Canadian universities that accept third-year students for Master of Arts, Science, and Engineering programs.

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