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How To Become Jumia Delivery Agent



Jumia Delivery Agent

Become Jumia Delivery Agent And Earn More

Jumia is an African online store. In fact, it is Africa’s largest e-commerce site. Jumia is an excellent African marketplace for fashion and electronics.

You have a variety of opportunities to make money as a Jumia agent under the Jumia brand. To become a Jumia agent in Nigeria, we’ll tell you what you need to do.

The first step to becoming a Jumia delievry agent is to train as a sales consultant. You must register with the Jumia JForce team at in order to work as an independent sales consultant on Jumia.

You will be selling Jumia-supplied items or goods here. As you sell goods or products for Jumia, you will be paid through commissions.

You will receive a commission for bringing on new consultants. In this situation, you are in charge and have no subordinates. Your actions and schedule are under your control.

Jumia will instruct you on this and aid in the development of your entrepreneurial abilities. The door to a life of financial independence and independence from the need for a job opens as you bid unemployment farewell.

Additionally, you can join Jumia as an agent by signing up as an affiliate partner in Nigeria using the affiliate link provided to you at registration. You receive a commission from Jumia when each item is sold.

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By putting Jumia goods up for sale, you can also work as a Jumia agent in Nigeria. What you need to do in this situation is provide products to Jumia and receive payment for them.

A jumia delivery agent’s job is to deliver items ordered by jumia agents and customers.  As a result, the more orders you receive, the more items you will have to deliver. You are paid a commission based on the number of goods delivered. When you deliver more, you earn more.

Unlike the Jforce commission rate, the Jumia delivery commission rate is not public knowledge. Hurry up to any jumia pick up station now and start making cool cash.

To become a jumia agent, you must first open two accounts.  These are the jumia and jforce accounts. It makes no difference what order you open them in. You’re good as long as you registered in both.

Jumia Agent Commission

This is an exclusive opportunity, because what you get from Jumia agent commission, is quite different from others.

On each successful order placed after clicking on their affiliate link, affiliate partners who promote products on Jumia can earn up to 11% commission. You can make easy money online if you own a website, blog or just any useful social media account.

Jumia Dispatch Riders Salary

Jumia dispatch riders’ salary may not be quite different from a regular Nigerian dispatch rider’s salary. The least dispatch rider in Nigeria is N50,000. So, it is safe to say, based on the assumption, that a Jumia dispatch rider, earns between N60,000 and N80,000.

Technology, in the opinion of Jumia, has the power to improve conditions in Africa’s daily life. Jumia also helps consumers access millions of goods and open up a new channel for vendors to connect with customers and expand their businesses, all while providing the best prices and convenience for services.

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