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NPower Stipends And Payment Backlogs News



NPower Stipends and payment backlog news

Update on Npower Batch C1’s December Stipend

There won’t be a December stipend for Batch C1 participants, the Npower Management just informed. The minister generously gave away the stipends that were received in September, October, and November. The first Npower Batch C Stream finished in August 2022, which is significant to note.

Update on Npower Batch C2 Outstanding Stipends

The Npower Management is presently working to finish paying the Batch C2 beneficiaries’ outstanding stipends for the months of October, November, and December 2022. Some beneficiaries’ failure to complete the Npower validation form is the cause of the payment delay.

Npower Validation Form

It is imperative that you quickly complete the Npower Validation Form at if you are a Batch C2 beneficiary and have not yet received your October, November, and December stipends. Please take notice that only 55,256 recipients have completed the validation form out of the total number of beneficiaries who have not yet received these stipends.

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The payment of the backlogs for October, November, and December has been implemented by Npower Management in a batch-wise manner. A second batch of 27,693 claimants is now getting payment after the initial 27,565 beneficiaries were paid. A new round of people who recently verified their bank accounts will be paid.


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