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10 Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Business in Nigeria



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10 Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Business in Nigeria

If you are planning to start a business in Nigeria, there are several things that you need to be aware of which we will be walking you through in this article, so make sure you read until the end.

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Starting your own business is very essential because especially to avoid the issue of being fired, or being queried by anyone, and sitting in an office all day just to make a token at the end of the month which might not even be enough to pay your bills.

Although starting a new business in Nigeria is not just as easy as it seems, there are some drawbacks but that shouldn’t scare you, all you need is to startup your business with the right strategy, which we will be walking you through below.

10 Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Business in Nigeria

Below are the things you should know before starting a business in Nigeria.

1. Choose a Business You Have Passion about

Before going into any business, choosing a business you are passionate about is very key especially in a long run.

Being able to set your priorities right, will always give you a reason to keep going even when things are not going on smoothly and this is normal in every business.

We know that money-making is one of the reasons most people start up a business, but if you make your business all about this, you might not be as encouraged as you should be. Especially when things don’t pick up fast.

Allow your passion to drive you in whatever kind of business you finally choose, this will make the entire process of starting the business really fun and quite enjoyable rather than stressful for you.

2. Have A Target Audience for Your Business

In any business, you can agree with me that knowing who your target audience is and what that problem is, is very crucial in succeeding in that business.

knowing who your audience is and their problem will help you create solutions to their problem and by doing so makes you the money.

Ask yourself if people are really in need of your service. The increased number of customers will certainly give way for larger business potential.

Make researches and quick surveys. This is just one of the ways you can take away ignorance on your path. These researches can’t be a waste of time, it’ll rather be a stepping stone to your business growth.

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3. Start With What You Have

These deals with starting small and small are beautiful, so don’t despise your little beginning. Almost all great businesses we have today all started from somewhere but there is also no harm in starting big.

Don’t wait until you get enough money to start big before starting up your business, you can start with the small you have at the moment and make sure you approach it with the right strategy and mentality, you will definitely grow from there.

It doesn’t matter if you have only four customers in a week, and no customers on some days. See it as a process and keep learning. Someday, you’ll look back and share the story.

4. Have a Good Business Name and Logo

Having a good business name and logo gives you an advantage over your competitors out there. coming up with a good logo and brand name will make you stand out.

Choose a brand name that is easy to pronounce especially to your customers, so going with a name that is short is recommended and it must clearly describe what your business is all about even without the person being told what you do.

5. Develop Yourself With The Necessary Skills

Now is the time to develop the necessary skills needed to run a successful business which is a good management skill.

Even though you can always get your workers to help you out with a few things, it’s also advisable to participate in all branches of your business and this will make you independent and also increase your experiences.

Developing new skills will definitely help you as an individual and also the growth of your business in numerous ways. You should always know that whatever business you are going into, you still need to learn skills.

Some of these skills include communication skills, leadership skills, marketing skills, time management, amongst others.

6. The Marketing Game

The next stage is Marketing. Here is all about advertising, creating awareness of your business, making people know what your business is all about which you can do that on your own or hire people to help you out.

Some methods will unarguably be better than others. You just need to keep trying them out, and then go for the one that works best for you. Be ready to market your business.

7. Know Your Competitors And Learn From Them

Knowing who your competitors are in business are very important, especially learning their strategies and implementing them in your business to get the same success they are enjoying.

Making research of your competitors goes a long way in helping you succeed in your business because it will enable you to know what they are doing to attract their audience and which is automatically the same audience you will also be targeting, then you can replicate the same strategy and get the same result.

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8. Getting A Good Location

You might be doing the right thing but if you’re not rightly placed, you might end up with little or no results. The advantages of being at the right place at the right time cannot be overemphasized.

The kind of business you are into does not really matter at this point. What is of more importance is being able to target the right people at the right places.

You might get every other thing right but if you are not positioned in the right place, you might end up targeting customers that are not interested in what you are into and you definitely will be running at a loss.

9. Be Determined And Give It Your Time

I don’t think there has ever been a part-time billionaire. Being successful in your business requires putting your all into it.

Once you’re able to be loyal and devote your time to your business, you will understand the areas that are working and the areas that are not, this will help you realign your strategies and you will be on your way to success. You can never achieve this by running your business as a part-time business especially when it is a new one.

10. Learn To Always Execute Your Ideas

You should not let the excitement of a new idea cloud your sense of judgment.

No matter how amazing your ideas are, you have to make sure the numbers add up, otherwise, it’ll end up a failure.

The right team with the real plan and proper funding to execute your idea will enhance your business growth. You shouldn’t be scared of wasted money, but wasted time.

10 Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Business in Nigeria


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