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10 Profitable Businesses You Can Start with Zero Capital



Top 8 Profitable Business Ideas To Start in Lagos With Low Capital


10 Profitable Businesses You Can Start with Zero Capital

We all know becoming an entrepreneur is very challenging especially when you don’t have the capital to start but having the right information might be all you need today to kick off because in this article, we will be walking you through some businesses you can start today with zero capital, so make sure you read until the end.

Most businesses require a huge amount of capital to start but there are also businesses that do not require any capital, all you need is the information/knowledge and you can set up a business and be an entrepreneur.

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What these businesses require is the technical know-how that you can get through information, then you apply the information with a determined mindset to succeed, you are good to go.

10 Profitable Businesses You Can Start with Zero Capital

1. Make-up and Hairstyling

The first on our list is Make-up and Hairstyling, in this business, you can start without having any capital. We know you might be thinking of renting a shop but that’s not necessary if you are gifted in this field, all you need to do is to render home services and liaise with hotels.

After doing this and they discover how good your handwork is, they will surely call you whenever there is a guest that needs your service and you earn your money. All you need to do is to keep improving on yourself and tell people about what you do.

2. Car Washing Service

We all know about Car washing business, you don’t need capital to start this business and you don’t need to employ anyone at least for a start. All you need to do is to inform people about your business and also make sure you don’t charge more than what others are charging or you can even charge less to gain more customers for a start.


You can walk into hotels, compounds, and gatherings to tell people about your service. They’ll give you a try and from there you move on.

3. Event Planner

Event Planner is simply organizing an event hall, decorations, musical performance, catering services, drinks, etc. in order to make the party a successful one.

All you need to do is to offer to organize events such as birthdays, weddings, burials, anniversaries and lots more. You should possess good organizational skills, analytical skills, and excellent interpersonal skills to do well. This also has zero capital demand.

4. Freelance writing

If you are a strong writer and you have solid writing skills, then consider starting a business as a freelance writer.


To build up your portfolio and client base, you may want to start with a site like Upwork or Fiverr. This site will help you reach out to your target clients and offer this service to them.

5. Dropshipping

Dropshipping involves selling goods that you don’t have, all you need to do is to acct as an intermediary between the supplier of a good/service and the customer.

The supplier pays you and you also stand to earn from the customer by adding to the price of the commodity. This is more of a transaction.

You could cover a range of demands such as housing, sales of land/leasing, phone, laptops, television, gym services, hotel reservations, and lots more. This has zero capital demand.


6. Tutoring

If you have vast knowledge in mathematics, English language, foreign languages, physics, biology, and lots more, then you can take up a tutoring business which you can tutor for exam lessons such as  WAEC, JAMB, NABTEB, etc. This also has a zero capital demand and you don’t need to look for funds. You can do home services and later on advance into being the director of your professional coaching/tutoring center.

7. Private Fitness Trainer

If you are that muscular type and good at exercise/gym activities, you can dedicate your time to learn more about it, this is a good one for you.

Then you can render this service to people, help tutor people to engage in fitness training to keep fit.

You help them burn down fat, lose weight, and become smarter. By doing this, you are earning and delivering your services and this too has a zero capital demand.


8. Freelance editing

if you have a great eye for necessary structural changes and enjoy editing for grammar and punctuation, you may want to consider starting a freelance editing business.

As long as there is written content, there will be a need for editors, so if you have writing experience and a good eye, freelance editing may be a business idea to consider.

9. Beekeeping

People do not always trust the quality of honey from shops/roadside sellers. Therefore, beekeeping is another lucrative enterprise that has zero capital demand for setup. Beekeeping, also known as Apiculture is the keeping and maintenance of bees in hives to collect their honey for sale.

10. Repair of Household Appliances and Office Equipment

This is self-explanatory, it just involves going to client homes to help fix up, test-run, and service household appliances/office equipment.


Household appliances such as electric kettle, microwave, kitchen oven, refrigerator, etc. office equipment such as printers, photocopiers, scanners, etc.

When you are good, they’ll always call you for more services and introduce you to more people. To be on top of the game, you need to build your capacity from time to time. Doing this has zero capital demand.

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The aforementioned businesses are businesses you can start with zero capital, all you need to do is to choose one that fits your skillset or the one you are gifted in, and with the right mindset to succeed, you will surely start seeing profit in a few months.


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