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Top 8 Ethnic Groups in Nigeria With The Cheapest Bride Price



Top 8 Ethnic Groups in Nigeria With The Cheapest Bride Price


Top 8 Ethnic Groups in Nigeria With The Cheapest Bride Price

Welcome to Flippstack, In this article, we will be walking you through the Top 8 Ethnic Groups which has the Cheapest Bride Price in Nigeria in order to enlighten young men out there on tribes which their current financial status can fetch them a wife.

In Nigeria, there are some ethnic groups that see marrying their daughter as a way of generating money which always results in an excessive increment in the girl’s bride price and can also lead to the man seeking the girl’s hand in marriage to abandon the marriage and look for another lady to marry.

According to research, 40% of marriages that failed to go on are because of the high bride price attached to the bride which the groom cannot afford. The good news here is that it’s certainly not all tribes that practice this act of placing exorbitant value as bride price. In the course of this article, we will take a gander at the top ten places that offer the cheapest bride price in the country.


In order to avoid all these issues, let’s look at the tribes that don’t offer an extravagant fee as bride price.

Top 8 Ethnic Groups in Nigeria With The Cheapest Bride Price

Below are the top 8 tribes that don’t request a lot from their intending male in-laws:


The first on our list is the Yoruba tribe, they value much about the marriage of their children. In this way, they accept that the value of their girls or women is past the estimation of money, thus the cost of the bride price doesn’t suggest that a spouse is purchasing the lady. The wedding issue is viewed as a joint exertion by the two families in southwestern parts of Nigeria.

The bride price requested here ranges between ₦5,000 to ₦20,000. However, when this amount is paid, the lady’s father returns it to the groom as a way of supporting the new family. The five thousand naira sum is simply symbolic and not requested for the purpose of cash. Indeed, a few families of the bride offer back the cash to the groom’s family to effectively express this idea.



The second on our list is the Hausa Muslims, It’s quite unarguable that the Hausa Muslim tribe has the cheapest bride price in Nigeria. The bride price which is known as ‘Sadaki’ is pretty much as low as believable. This is in light of the fact that they accept lower measures of the bride’s value so as to bring more blessings in the marriage.

Generally, the bride price begins from a base sum known as ‘ Rubu Dinar’ in Hausa, an Arabic expression which signifies ‘quarter kilogram of the gold piece’, to the most noteworthy amount the groom can stand to pay.


This is a major tribe that is found in West Africa with a high populace in Nigeria, Chad, and Niger. They primarily speak Fulfulde or Fula language and they also communicate in Hausa, French, and English. The Fulani people are mostly Muslims and they keep Islamic laws. Dairy cattle are a significant factor to them and they are utilized for each service ceremony, including marriage customs. The Fulani tribe is also viewed as having a cheap bride price as their Hausa brothers.


The bride price in the Kagoro ethnic group of Kaduna state isn’t compulsory. The money isn’t mandatory here except if the bride’s family requests it from the husband to be.



Some of the tribes in Delta State like Urhobo have a low price stake for the bride price. The value of the price in the areas is around ₦12,000 which is paid to the bride’s family.


The Esan tribe in Edo state is considered as one of the least expensive to wed from in the country. There is an impression being that the people don’t sell their little girls in marriage, the mentioned sum of the bride price is ₦24 (addressing 24 cowries or British pounds utilized in the pre-colonial and colonial days). The cost of the bride price is typically small and is about ₦20,000 albeit other vital things that will make up subsequently.


The people in Anambra state: lady of the hour cost here is viewed as one of the least in the southern piece of Nigeria. You cannot spend more than N100,000 to get a wife, including the required drinks. Spinsters and bachelors don’t have to wait for a long time and waste their years because of the high cost of getting a wife.


The Itsekiri people in Delta state have a low price for their grooms to pay for their girl’s marriage. Definitely, marriage in this area isn’t costly. The groom is simply needed to pay a bride price of ₦120,000 only.



A few men who battle to follow through on the high bride price may see the process as ‘buying’ the lady and in this manner deal with her in an odd manner. In any case, following through on the bride price is viewed as a way of approving a marriage and to show that the bride’s family gave their consent to the union, and it ought to be a means of addressing the family’s requirements.


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