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The Dip, Dipped : Advice To Crypto Traders



The Dip, Dipped : Advice To Crypto Traders

The Dip Dipped: Advice To Crypto Traders

It has been a crazy week for those in the crypto space.

The gurus throwing screenshots around in the last 3 weeks have suddenly gone quiet.

Before we continue, if you are new to crypto, getting to know some terminology in crypto and their meaning will be a helping hand to kick-off your crypto journey. Click the following link All Crypto Terms And Their Meanings You Need to Know As a Novice (Part 1)


It’s easy to bask in the euphoria of wins and when everything is going on well but those who come out strong and truly victorious are tested by time.

I’m not here to preach crypto to you.

Stay away from crypto if all you want to do there is make money.

Crypto shouldn’t be your primary source of income and of course, if you’re receiving this, I want to believe you already have a business going on for you.


But there’s one lesson I want you to learn from the crypto space and that’s “patience” and “knowledge”

Now it’s easy to say be patient with your business but if you’re working with the wrong knowledge and information, you will be like those who bought the dip and it dipped.

Seek quality knowledge, don’t stop learning.

Don’t be one of those people who say on social media that all you need is on YouTube.


There are things you’ll never find in the public domain.

And you can’t know too much.

People like Kern and Mike Dillard still purchase books, courses and even join masterminds.

You can only stay ahead of your competition if you know more and better than they do.


Invest in your personal growth and when certain things happen, you’d be prepared.

Cheers to more profitable trading and coin bagging🍾🥂

The Dip Dipped: Advice To Crypto Traders


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