All NYSC Terminologies & Acronyms Every Graduates Must Know

All NYSC Terminologies & Acronyms Every Graduates Must Know

If you are a graduate and looking forward to go for your National Youth Service, then you should read this article to the end because i will be walking you through the NYSC Terminologies & Acronyms you need to know before going for National Youth Service.

Before we go forward lets look first at what is NYSC

What is NYSC?

NYSC is an acronym of National Youth Service Corps, is a program set up by the Nigerian government to involve Nigerian graduates in nation-building and the development of the country.

Below is the list of NYSC terminologies & Acronyms you need to know.

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Checkout NYSC Terminologies & Acronyms You Need To Know

NYSC: National Youth Service Corps*

PCM: Prospective Corps Member. It means, awaiting corper

Green Card: This is a coloured ‘print-out’ which contains the personal data of a PCM, this document can only be printed out after PCM have completed their online registration.

Call-up Letter:  This is a letter that NYSC send to every PCM, telling them where the are posted and when to report to the place.

Corps Member: A corps member is a member of the NYSC. A Federal Government kid.

Allawee: This is a monthly allowances paid to every serving corps member.

LGI: Local Government Inspector. An NYSC officer incharge of corps members posted to a certain Local Govt.

AI: Area Inspector. Nysc officer incharge of corps members posted in a certain zone of a state. ‘LGI’ is under ‘AI’.

Book of Life: This book is very important in the NYSC camp; hence the name “book of life”. All the corps members in NYSC camp must sign in the ‘book of life’ before leaving camp, failure to do so, you service year will be without form or void.

Double up: This is a military slang. In Nysc camp, Soldiers use it when they want to tell corpers to run faster.

Light out hour: This is a time at night when all lights must be switched off. At this time, corps member are expected to sleep.

Otondo: It means lazy. Soldiers use it when refering to corps members whom they think are lazy, and need more training.

Mami market: This is a camp market which is located inside the Nysc camp.

PPA: Place of Primary Assignments. This is a place where corps members are posted to serve after the 21-day camp training.

CDS: Community Development Service. Just as the name implies. Corps Members are expected to contribute in developing the community where they are posted to.

CDS Card:  An official Nysc card where corps members attach passport photo graph. LGI sign it after the CDS meeting which usually hold once in a week, usually on Thursday.

PV: Payment Voucher. Corps Members must sign PV to be able to recieve their entitlement; signing a PV requires a clearance letter from your PPA boss. Without signing a PV you won’t recieve allowance for that month.

CLO:  Corps Liaison Officer. This is a corps member who was made the ‘head’ of other corpers posted under a certain Local Government Area.

Ghost Corpers: These are corps members who are serving Nigeria from their fathers’ house

Magical Corpers: These are corps members whom their parents are rich and powerful usually big politicians. They do not participate in service at all but they recieve benefits even more than those that participate fully.

HSE: Health Safety Environment. A course available in NYSC.

NIM: National Institute of Management. A course available in NYSC.

Platoon: In Nysc camp, Corps Members are split into 10 groups; each group is called a platoon. Platoon are numbered from 1 to 10. Example; platoon1, platoon2, platoon3 … Platoon10

Platoon Commander: A corps member placed in charge of a Platoon.

Platoon Officer: An NYSC staff in charge of a platoon.

PMP: Project Management Professional. A professional course available in Nysc.

POP: Passing Out Parade. The end of your Nysc service year.

PPA Posting Letter: This letter tells you where you have originally been posted for your ppa

PPA: Place of primary assignments

SAED: Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development is a great opportunity for you to learn how to create a new business and make your business more profitable and successful in the future.

Now I believe you gotten all NYSC Terminologies & Acronyms you need to know from the start to finish.

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