FG Starts Disbursement Of Covid-19 Survival Fund

If you applied for survival fund and wasn’t paid in the first batch of payment, then good news for you because  federal government has begin second batch payment to qualified beneficiaries.

Before we continue, I want to bring to your knowledge that Survival Fund Second Batch Registration 2021 has commenced – Apply Here

The commencement of the survival fund second batch payment was disclosed on one of their agent Twitter handle.

According to the agency post on his twitter handle he stated:

“Survival Fund has commence the 3rd payment for the Payroll Support. This will bring to a close the payment for those who started getting their alert on the 5th of this month. Interestingly, another fresh payment of another batch has commenced too.

survival fund second batch payment

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By Okpara Kenneth


8 thoughts on “FG Begins Survival Fund Second Batch Payment to Beneficiaries”
  1. Hello with due respect please I have registered,and been very but sad to say have not received my payment yet,thanks anticipation of a favorable response

  2. With due respect I have been registered, verify but uptil now have not been paid, thanks in anticipation of a favourable response

  3. Pls witch day will survival fund continue payment batch b palease? My company batch b is verified but still we are not paid please and please this is an urgent attention please paid our companies.

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