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How to Apply For Support Grants Nigeria 2021 – Get N20,000 Monthly Now



How to Apply For Support Grants Nigeria 2021 - Get N20,000 Monthly Now


How to Apply For Support Grants Nigeria 2021 – Get N20,000 Monthly Now

The Nigeria is giving Nigerian youths N20,000 every month for the next 12 months to help support individuals as a result of the effect of Covid-19 and the only official website to apply is

This online news platform understands that Supportsgrants is a private sector initiative founded in 2020 as a result of the effect of Covid-19 on Nigerians and Africans causing millions to slide into poverty due to loss of jobs, bankruptcy, loss of investment, high rate of inflation, and paucity of government revenue

With over a trillion naira spent by the Nigerian government in the past months to provide relief to its citizens including Covid-19 Relief Fund, palliatives, Survival grant, Agricultural Micro Small Medium Enterprises (AGMESIS) etc. yet a greater number of people are yet to benefit from any.


Who can Receive Support Grants Nigeria ( Grant?

  1. We provide financial education services for individuals and families in Nigeria and Africa.
  2. We facilitate the provision and easy access to grant and soft loans through the assistance of our international donors.
  3. We provide tools and materials that will enable better utilization of grants and loans.
  4. We provide free consultancy expertise to individuals and families seeking to be out of the poverty bracket.

How to apply for Support Grants Nigeria 2021

To apply for Support Grants Nigeria, kindly visit the official website via Then follow the steps outlined below.


The first step in accessing this empowerment package begins with the creation of an account which comprises of the beneficiary’s information including; full names, email address, and phone number which will automatically activate a personalized SMS to the registered phone number informing the person that the account has been successfully registered.

As soon as the beneficiary receives the confirmation SMS he/she can sign into the account to be able to complete the further registration process. Beneficiaries shall be advised to keep their sign-in details safely as it is their access to monitoring their application process.

Support Grants Nigeria sign in portal shall consist of a backend system with the following features:

  1. Personal profile
  2. Grant application (grant form)
  • Tracking/Approval


This stage requires the beneficiary to complete the data which includes full names, email address, phone number(s), age, home address, occupation, employer’s name (optional), employer’s address, grant type (Individual Package/Family Package) bank account number, bank name and others deem fit.



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      I need 4million to open a standerd fashion shop that will make more wears and have marketers that will sell them

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