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Multichoice Slashes Price On Dstv And Gotv Decoders (See New Kit Prices)



Multichoice Slashes Price On Dstv And Gotv Decoders (See New Kit Prices)

MultiChoice Nigeria has slashed the prices of DStv and GOtv decoders from Monday, February 1, 2021.

NewsOnline Nigeria learnt that the price slash will see the DStv HD decoder, dish kit with Compact package subscription drop from N18,600 to N9,900 on Confam package, while GOtv decoder, GOtennae with GOtv Jolli package subscription will go from N8,400 to N6,900.

Speaking at a virtual media briefing monitored by NewsOnline Nigeria on Friday, Chief Customer Officer, MultiChoice Nigeria, Martin Mabutho, explained the price slash is part of MultiChoice’s long line of efforts to lessen the economic impact of COVID on customers and a reflection of its commitment to making quality entertainment more accessible to Nigerians.

“With this discount, we are lowering the entry barrier for new customers to get a DStv or GOtv decoder as staying connected to credible information and other quality programming can be comforting for many families during these trying times,” said Mabutho.

“In addition to the discount we are currently running our DStv Step Up offer which gives our customers on lower packages an opportunity to experience programming on higher packages, and a GOtv Max offer which sees customers on Jolli and Jinja enjoy a special discount of N2,999 instead of N3,600 per month,” Mabutho added.

The discounted DStv and GOtv bundle offer will be available from Monday, February 1, 2021 for a limited time only.



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