How to Format an SSD Drive


To Format an SSD Drive simply means to remove the whole files in that SSD Drive, making it empty. It’s very needful to format an SSD Drive especially when you want to sell the drive or when the drive is infected with virus or you want to install a new operating system. SSD Drive can be formatted using a Windows computer.

Steps on Formatting an SSD Drive in Windows
Step 1: Make sure the Drive you want to format is installed in your computer or attached to your computer via a USB cable.
Step 2: Click on Start and select Control Panel.
How to Format an SSD Drive
Step 3: Click on System and Security and then select Administrative Tools.
Format an SSD Drive
Step 4: Click on Computer Management.
The Computer Management Window opens.
SSD Drive
Step 5: Select Disk Management located at the left pane of the CM window
List of drives in the computer displays
How to Format an SSD Drive
Step 6: Select and Right-click on the Drive you want to format and select Format.
Step 7: A Warning pop-up windows will appear, Select Yes option to continue.
hard drive
Step 8: Type in the new Alphabet you want to give the Drive, choose your preferred values in the File System and Allocation Unit Size drop down menus and checkmark on perform a quick format.
Disk format
Step 9: Click Ok, the computer will format the SSD Drive.


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