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15 Profitable Business Ideas For Rural Area Residence



15 Profitable Business Ideas For Rural Area Residence

15 Profitable Business Ideas For Rural Area Residence

If you are staying in a rural area and looking for a high-paying business idea to invest in, then you are at the right place, as we will be walking you through some business ideas that can generate revenue for you.

The best course of action when starting a new business as an entrepreneur is to go into a profitable industry so that you don’t end up losing money. The reason for starting a business is to maximize Return On Investment (ROI), so make sure you pay close attention to it.

Even though many people opt to move to the city in order to start a business, the reality is that you can also succeed in doing business in rural areas. All you need is the right business idea, which you will undoubtedly have after finishing this article.


Below are the profitable business ideas for rural area residence

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15 Profitable Business Ideas For Rural Area Residence

1. Provision Store

The first on our list is Provision Store. This is one of the most profitable businesses to do in the rural area despite the fact that many rural dwellers are known for making attempts to produce their basic needs themselves (such as food and local clothing).

However, they will always need other things which they can’t produce all by themselves. Hence, you can open a store that sells regular products in a rural area and people will still patronize you.


All you need to do is to sell items such as matches, toothbrushes, toiletries, beverages, and so on. Just ensure you have direct links to bigger stores where you can get these products in bulk (which are cheaper), and sell them in your store for profit.

2. Barbing Saloon

Barbing Saloon is another profitable business to start in rural areas because this is one thing rural dwellers will surely need help on. You don’t need much investment capital before opening one.

All you need is to acquire the barbing skills and this business doesn’t disturb other activities you might be doing in the rural community. Most of the rural dwellers go to their farms early in the morning and come back before nightfall to cut their hair.

3. Mechanic Shop

As we all know, vehicle owners in rural areas find it difficult to repair their vehicles when it’s faulty because they will have to take their vehicles to far places before they can find good mechanics to fix them.


All you need to do is to ensure you have the right skills before opening a shop so you can give nothing below quality service. However, you have to put into consideration the number of vehicle owners in your community and if the village is by a busy road filled with vehicular movements.

4. Fashion designer

Fashion Designer is another good business to start in rural areas because people must wear clothes. You can make money by opening an outlet where clothes can be made and sold.

To attract them, you have to make sure your products aren’t too expensive, considering the fact that it is a rural area and most of your customers are farmers, petty traders.

Don’t forget that many rural dwellers are also traveling to big cities just to buy clothes. Let’s say you start a clothing store, and they are aware that your store is filled with good clothes of different types, you can dominate the area easily in that regard, as they will patronize you than to travel to the city to buy the same thing you sell.


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5. TV/Radio/Mobile mechanic

As stated before, many people in rural communities now have electronics like television and radio. However, they can develop a fault at any time, and the people will need their items to be repaired by experts. Therefore, you can open an outlet that repairs electronics like televisions and radios.

6. Plumbing Shop

Plumbing Shop is another profitable business to start in rural areas, what you need is to acquire the skills and you can even make more money by training several other young individuals on the skill for a fee.

7. Computer training center

This is another good business idea because you will not only make money but also empower the people staying in the rural area with the knowledge of computer usage. For the fact we are in the digital world now, and this is surely one major way to change their lives and conditions.


8. Electrical Shop

You can focus just on this if it’s the skill you are good with. Electricity is getting popular in many rural communities. However, there are times when issues could arise, and people will need a professional to help them fix their electrical issues.

9, Poultry/live-stock farming

The poultry farming business is another highly profitable business in the rural area and it does not require a huge amount of capital before starting up a business. All you need is to build poultry that can accommodate a lot of birds.

However, It is advisable before you can start a thing like this, you should ensure you first learn the ropes, so you won’t lose your investments. There is however a huge demand for poultry products, and this is a recommended business idea.

10. Transportation company

As we all know, the primary occupation of people staying in rural areas is farming and they will be needing vehicles to transport their farm products to the city to sell, so this is where you can make a lot of money running a transportation business. All you need to do is to provide buses that can take them to and fro.


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11. Point of Sale (P.O.S)

In rural areas, banks hardly ever open branches. For those who want to withdraw money from that location, this presents a challenge.

Many people reading this article, can agree with me that even in big cities, people still like to go to P.O.S because they find it convenient to withdraw their money and it saves them time.

So in terms of rural areas, people will gladly pay a token so that they do not have to travel far distances to withdraw money or spend time in a queue.


Now, this is where you come in, you can open a P.O.S business in your area and you will definitely make huge profits daily.

12. Football Viewing Centre

A football viewing center is a location where fans gather to watch games. If you have a large space and a large television where people can watch various football matches at once, this business idea is profitable.

I must warn you, starting a football viewing center can be capital intensive. You will need a lot of money to get started.

But the good side of this business is that you can add other services to it to make more money.


Here is a list of businesses that you can add to your football viewing center to make you more money.

  1. Video gaming – set up video gaming and charge people to play video games during times when there are no football matches.
  2. Sports Betting: Add a sports betting service to complement your viewing center business. Your customers can place bets when they come to your shop or they can place bets and hang around to watch the match once it begins.
  3. P.O.S service: If your viewing center is located close to residential areas, you can also add a P.O.S service. Also, with a P.O.S device, you can encourage your customers to pay you through their debit cards.

13. Sell Water

In rural areas, finding clean water can be a difficult task. And trust me, this issue also exists in numerous African cities. You can build a water system, drill a well, and charge people to fetch water if you own the land and property where you live.

While hiring someone to make the delivery, you could also offer to bring the water to their homes for a higher cost.

14. Video Game Shop

Because they are expensive, many people cannot afford video games. They will gladly pay for these video games if they learn where they can play them, though.

You can help in this situation. You can buy brand-new or moderately-used televisions and video games, open a store, and provide this service to young people in your community.


15. Academic Tutor

If done correctly, tutoring can be a gold mine, and starting one is both simple and affordable.

You can tutor students at any skill level on subjects you are knowledgeable about.

At least two subjects are problematic for many students. In secondary school, students like me struggled with seven subjects in particular:).

You can now offer to tutor your students at your tutorial center or at their homes.


Your fees should unquestionably be higher if you decide to tutor students in your home. However, since you will be attending to more students at once if you decide to tutor at a center, you can set your rates lower.

15 Profitable Business Ideas For Rural Area Residence

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