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ECOWAS 12 Months Internship Programme For Recent Graduates



ECOWAS 12 Months Internship Programme


ECOWAS 12 Months Internship Programme For Recent Graduates

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has announced the commencement of the ECOWAS Internship Immersion Program 2022 for recent graduates from ECOWAS institutions.

The Objectives of the Internship

  • Assist young graduates in their professional integration by giving them the chance to learn more about ECOWAS programs while also allowing the interns to contribute to the effective execution of the institutions’ programs and activities.
  • Establish a framework that enables recent graduates to contribute to the implementation of important ECOWAS programs within Departments, Agencies, Representations, and Institutions;
  • Offer the opportunity for an immersion (internship) in the services of the regional institution (Institutions, Agencies, Departments, Resident Representations).

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Key Information

  • Program Type: Graduate internship
  • Program location: Nigeria
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Available slots: Several
  • Basic qualifications: Bachelor’s degree
  • Nationality: ECOWAS member states

The participants will gain professional experience by participating in ECOWAS programs for career development and a platform to contribute to the implementation of ECOWAS programs.

The program provides an opportunity for young graduates to participate in the implementation of major ECOWAS programs within Departments, Agencies, Representations, and Institutions through immersion (internship) in the services of regional institutions (Institutions, Agencies, Departments, Resident Representations).

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this internship, applicants must be:

  • Not more than 35 years of age
  • Must hold a certificate at the Bachelor, Masters, PhD or equivalent certificate
  • Must be willing to commit 12 months of his/her time to the internship
  • A CV
  • A copy of a national Identity card, or International passport
  • A copy of the academic certificate or its equivalent

Modalities And Selection Process

  • Internship positions are defined with ECOWAS Departments and reception structures before each Program, which allows the candidate to apply according to the need expressed by these structures;
  • 90 internship positions are expressed for the year 2022 according to the attached list.
  • The selection of the Graduate Immersion Programme in ECOWAS Institutions is made by a Technical Selection Committee;
  • Only the selected candidates will be contacted for the rest of the process.

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Duration, Place, and Terms of the Internship

  • The Immersion Program for young graduates in ECOWAS programs lasts a maximum of one year (Non-renewable)
  • The Program is run in ECOWAS Departments, Agencies, Representations, and Institutions, as well as any other location designated by ECOWAS.
  • At the end of the internship, the young graduate who benefited from the program submits a report in three copies, one to the HDSA Department, one to the user department, and one to the intern in person
  • The practical modalities of the program will be defined in collaboration with the reception department, the Directorate of Education, Science, and Culture, and the Department of Human Development and Social Affairs
  • Selected interns will be required (mandatory) to attend any information or internship feedback meeting convened by the Program Coordinator in person or online (for those not residing in Abuja).

How to Apply For ECOWAS 12 Months Internship Programme

Interested applicants for the ECOWAS Internship Immersion Program 2022/23 are to complete an online application form on or before the 28th of September, 2022.


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