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How To Transfer NYIF Loan From NPF Microfinance Bank To Your Bank Account



How To Easily Validate BVN on the NYIF Portal

How To Transfer NYIF Loan From NPF Microfinance Bank To Your Bank Account

Welcome to Flippstack, in this article, we will be walking you through how you can easily transfer your NYIF Loan From NPF Microfinance Bank To Your Bank Account, so keep reading.

It’s no longer news that the NPF Microfinance Bank in cooperation with the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) management has started disbursement of NYIF loans to beneficiaries. So if you have received yours and want to move it to your personal bank account, this article will walk you through it.

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To improve the country, the Nigerian federal government has offered this loan facility to help Nigerian youth, which has now been approved.

In the meantime, we have all the steps and procedures you need to take to successfully transfer a loan from an NPF to your account. But before that, let’s look at the events that led to NYIF.

About Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF)

The Nigerian Youth Investment Fund, which has benefited and continues to benefit many people, is a financial assistance program developed by the Nigerian Federal Government in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports (FMYSD).

Its registration first started in 2020. The same department imposed sanctions on 25,000 borrowers.


Under the promise of FG, NPF Microfinance Bank, Lapo, and Baobabs, NYIF’s distribution banks remain approved, making it easier to reach beneficiaries after meeting the challenge of the first tranche of NIRSAL beneficiaries.

As it is supported by the Federal Government of Nigeria, it must ensure that all lucky beneficiaries receive the funds to do the necessary work.

Because of their personal names, banks are very different in their business operations, but for NYIF purposes, they both shared the same amount of NYIF loans for the recipients. As mentioned earlier, they are used as an intermediary to send NYIF to all beneficiaries, who will remain the same until
the developer changes the plan in the future

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How To Transfer NYIF Loan From NPF Microfinance Bank To Your Bank Account

Below are steps to transfer NYIF funds to your account from NPF Microfinance Bank

1. Online banking / online banking

The only difference between this and regular online transactions is that we perform NPF registration on a daily basis, which is accessed through the NPF website by first clicking.

after you Log in to the site successfully, then follow these steps.


A. Register your account on the site with the same NPF account number. Then click ‘Create New Account.’

B. A field will open where you can fill in your details, including NIN number, date of birth, photo upload, and finally your signature if needed.

C. Once the site has done what you need, you will have to wait all day (24 hours) for you to confirm the transfer.

2. Use of USS Code

For many beneficiaries, this aspect is made easier by dialing * 5353 # to make the transfer a success, which involves fewer procedures than online banking. The fact is that network movement or unavailability remains a major challenge when users face the disadvantages of using the code method when using the code method during operations. In addition, the use of code is the best in terms of saving time and energy.


3. Download/install the app

Just as every bank has its own bank app, so does the NPF for microfinance banks, the process of which is the same as in online banking to fill in the field and create an account for you.

Many people have tried to download the app from the Google Play Store, but it has failed because it has been removed. However, this can be achieved by visiting

Note: Leaving a step, especially if you don’t have an account supported by the site or gadget, will also prevent you from accessing the fund’s transfer, as this is the first step you need to find as a feature of the NPF app and site.

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