FG Shortlists 10k Youths For NYIF Loan Disbursement
Why Some Of The Pre-Approved 25000 Nigeria Youth Investment Fund Applicants will be disqualified
The Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development revealed that it has pre-approved another batch of 25,000 youths to undergo training ahead of the final clearance for disbursement of N1,629,220,000.00 to 5,200 youths in the Scheme.
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The Ministry in a recent update also stated the reason why some of the pre-approved applicants will be disqualified for the training.

According to the minister of Youth and Sports Development, he stated that some of the applicants were not pre-qualified for loan disbursement for the following reasons:

  1. Applicants did not provide a valid or correct phone number for communications on further steps in the loan application.
  2. The applicant has an existing AGSMEIS or COVID-19 Loan.
  3. The applicant is older than 35 years old, which puts them beyond the age bracket for youth.
  4. The applicant has a poor credit rating or currently has a non-performing loan
  5. The applicant failed to provide a valid BVN.
  6. Applicants provided incomplete or incorrect BVN.

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He also made it known that Pre-qualified applicants of the scheme who are among the next batch of the 25,000 will be notified through SMS sent via the Phone Numbers provided during the application.

Following the update of requisite information on the portal nyif.nmfb.com.ng, successful applicants will be sent a Training invitation through the e-mail addresses provided during the application.

The Training Email invitation will contain the time and schedule of each applicant for the training.

Why Some Of The Pre-Approved 25000 Nigeria Youth Investment Fund Applicants will be disqualified

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