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See What You Must Do If You Applied For Any FG Fund



See What You Must Do If You Applied For Any FG Fund

See What You Must Do If You Applied For Any FG Fund

Did you apply for any Federal Government Fund? If yes, then we will be walking you through on what you must do in order not to be left behind or miss out from receiving your own fund. So make sure you read till the end.

Before we continue, Let me bring to the knowledge of all Survival Fund Payroll and MSME Grant Applicants that massive payment of beneficiaries is currently ongoing.

After making our research, we were able to understand that why many applicants of Covid-19 tcf loan, NYIF and AGSMEIS miss out from getting their loan is because they applied with student account which is not capable of receiving a huge sum of money, so even if your loan is approved and payment is made to your account, it will bounce back because the account is limited to a certain amount of money.


So we will advice any FG loan applicant must make sure the bank account they use to apply for the loan must be able to accept  from 250k and above. Please if you have student account, kindly go to any of your bank branch closer to you and upgrade it before using the account to apply.

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All indication shows that some of the Covid 19 loans were approved but not paid and many of them fell under inappropriate account type.

Please note that we want every beneficiaries to get their support rather than loosing it.


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See What You Must Do If You Applied For Any FG Fund


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