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Latest News on MSME Survival Fund For Today Saturday 5th June 2021



How To Easily Access Federal Government MSME Survival Fund

Latest News on MSME Survival Fund For Today Saturday, 5th June 2021

Welcome to Flippstack. if you are among the MSME Survival Fund Applicants, then this article is for you because we have compiled the Latest MSME Survival Fund News for you. So all MSME Survival Fund applicants should read this article to the end and always come back from time to time to check for more updates.

Before we continue, if you are also an NPower applicant, especially batch C it may interest you to read Minister: Npower Batch C To Have Stream 1 & 2 – 500k in Each Stream

Below is the latest news on MSME Survival Fund 5th June 2021


1. FG Urges Verified Applicants To Be Patient As Payment Continues

The Federal Government through their agency has urged verified applicants of the MSME Survival Fund who haven’t gotten his/her payment to be patient as the payment continues. So if you are verified and haven’t been paid yet, the good news is that the payment is still on, Keep checking your account regularly. Click HERE to read the full details.

2. FG to Begin Payment of the Remaining Batch

The Federal Government has stated through one of their agency that payment of the MSME Survival Fund will begin payment of the remaining Batch on Monday 17th, 2021. Click HERE to read more.


3. Survival Fund Second Batch Registration 2021

The portal is now open both for those registering for the first time and also for those that were not able to complete their registration to do so now. Apply Here

That’s all for today’s latest update on MSME Survival Fund from flippstack. Please try and share this post to help others get this vital information in other to know the latest in MSME Survival Fund.

Latest News on MSME Survival Fund For Today Saturday, 5th June 2021

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