Latest News On Nirsal Microfinance Bank Loans For Today Thursday 29th July 2021

Nirsal Microfinance bank is one of the leading financial institution in Nigeria. The bank is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to give out loans to the general public.

The main aim of NIRSAL is to redefine business dealings in the Agricultural sector, as well as all activities concerning the sector in Nigeria.

NIRSAL Microfinance Bank Loan

The following are loan products offered by NMFB

  • The Agric, Small Medium Enterprise Scheme (AGSMEIS): AGSMEIS loan is a Nirsal agric loan that provides up to N10 million to small and medium-scale enterprises. Businesses eligible for the AGSMEIS are those involved in creative & art industries (fashion, beauty, apparel & textile, arts & entertainment), Industrial & Manufacturing (agriculture & allied Processing, automobiles), Information & Communication Technology (telecommunication and media & publishing) and Hospitality (catering & event management). These loans are charged a single-digit interest of up to 9% per annum interest rate. They also do not require collateral security.
  • Anchor Borrowers’ Program: The Anchor borrowers’ program is an NMFB CBN loan that aims at creating and fostering a link between companies that engage in the processing sector and small-scale farmers who deal in essential Agricultural commodities. You can walk into any Nirsal Microfinance Bank branch to apply.
  • NIRSAL Microfinance Bank Access Target Account: This is a saving scheme that targets micro, small, and medium-scale enterprises, as well as individuals, looking to cultivate a healthy saving culture. It usually runs for a specific period for a particular financial purpose. Through this scheme, NIRSAL Microfinance Bank aids its customers in saving for a variety of specific reasons, such as rent, purchase of goods, purchase of equipment, or even for festivities. There is a predetermined limit put on the account, meaning they only allow a number of limited withdrawals by the account holder based on pre-agreed instructions. The Access Target account has an opening balance of ₦1,000 with a minimum balance of ₦500.

How to Apply for A Nirsal Loan

The following are the required documents and credentials you must have before you can access a Nirsal loan.

  • Your letter of employment
  • Pay slip
  • Your staff ID card
  • 6 months statement of your bank account
  • Other valid means of ID like your National ID, Drivers’ licence, and so on
  • A utility bill
  • 2 passport photographs
  • A guarantor form

Nirsal Loan Review


  • They have a wide range of loan offerings
  • Their rates are competitive


  • Lots of paperwork for large amount of loans
  • You need a guarantor to access some loans
  • There is compulsory training for recipients

By Okpara Kenneth

22 thoughts on “Nirsal Microfinance Bank Loan – How to Apply”
  1. I must thank you, NIRSAL MICROFINANCE Bank for enlightenment as an awaiting beneficiary of your scheme.
    May I it realized. Amen

  2. You are just keep ours waiting since my loan was approved since November last year till now no any alert

      1. Am devastated by Agmeis NIRSAL loan performance uptill now since one year I applied for it nothing fort coming after I’ve met all requirements by NIRSAL .Is it true the system have been hi-jacked by our so powerful politicians,senators and people at the corridor of power

  3. Was I apply Since last year but I’m not got anything.then you reopened the portal, still I reapply no any results
    Than regularly was I check my bvn please help me

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