Stop Screen-Flickering

If your PC is running on a windows 10 Os’ and your screen is constantly flickering and flashing, it is probably because your PC might be running a troublesome application or perhaps an unsuitable display driver is been used. With just a few steps, this annoying scene can be resolved.

         Instructions provided in this guide only apply to PCs running Windows 10.

How to Stop Screen Flickering on Windows 10

Step 1: On your desktop, right-click and select  “Graphics properties”
Step 2: Then the “Graphics control panel” dialogue box will appear, select “Basic mode”.
Stop Screen-Flickering
Step 3: Ensure “Display” is selected, then Navigate to “Refresh Rate”.
To Stop Screen-Flickering
Step 4: Now from the “Refresh Rate pane”, change its value from 60pHz to 40pHz.
Step 5: Then click “Apply” and “Ok”.


Step 6: With these steps aforementioned above, screen flickering will be resolved!

By Okpara Kenneth

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