How to Set Java Path in Windows 10

What is Java Path

The java path is the system variable that your operating system uses to locate needed executables from the command line or terminal window.
The following steps below describes how to set the java path in your pc.



1. Locate and press the windows key on your keyboard.

2. On the “search windows” dialogue box type “This PC” and click on it when it pops      up.
How to Set Java Path in Windows 10


3. Navigate and left-click on the “computer-properties-icon” at the top left corner of        your screen.
How to Set Java Path
4. Scroll and click on “Advanced system settings”
How to Set Java Path in Windows
5. The “system properties” dialogue box will appear, scroll, and left-click on                     “Environment variables”.
How to Set Java Path
6. Then ensure “PATH” is selected and left-click on “NEW”.
7. A new user variable dialogue box will pop-up; enter the “variable name” e.g.                JAVA_PATH
8. Then select “variable value” from the “browse directory” and navigate to C:Program FilesJavajdk (the java version)bin……then click “OK” all through.
9. Then Reopen your command prompt or windows terminal, and type javac -version to check the version of Java you installed.

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