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Colleges and Universities Accepting HND, 2:2, and 3rd Class for Master’s Programs in Canada



Colleges and Universities Accepting HND, 2:2, and 3rd Class for Master's Programs in Canada

Colleges and Universities Accepting HND, 2:2, and 3rd Class for Master’s Programs in Canada

This article presents a comprehensive list of colleges and universities in Canada that welcome applicants with third-class qualifications into their master’s programs.

Canada is known for its exceptional quality of life, stable government, and top-tier education, making it a sought-after destination for study, work, and living. This article highlights institutions in Canada that admit students with third-class qualifications for master’s programs.

Canada is a premier destination for international students seeking higher education. The country offers affordable and high-quality education in English. If you aspire to study in Canada but have concerns about your previous academic performance, this list will be invaluable.

If you dream of pursuing your studies in Canada and have faced disappointment due to previous academic results, there’s good news. Many Canadian universities accept third-class degrees for their master’s programs. Read on to discover which universities accept such qualifications, their locations, and associated costs.

Colleges and universities across Canada recognize a third-class honors bachelor’s degree as sufficient for admission to postgraduate programs. The following list of Canadian institutions accepting third-class honors bachelor’s degrees is designed to assist you in making an informed choice when applying for a master’s program in Canada.

Colleges in Canada Accepting HND, 2:2, and 3rd Class for Master’s:

1. College of New Caledonia

2. New Brunswick Community College

3. Lambton College

4. Niagara College

5. North Atlantic College

6. Algonquin College

7. Humber College

8. Seneca College

9. Lethbridge College

10. Camosun

Canada offers numerous fully-funded scholarships for international students pursuing undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees at Canadian universities. You can find a compilation of these scholarships here.

Question: Do Canadian colleges accept HND for master’s degrees, or do you need to go through PGD programs first?

Answer: I gained admission to YORK UNIVERSITY in 2019 with an Ordinary Diploma (ND) but was denied a visa due to concerns about my intention to leave Canada after my studies. Therefore, Canadian colleges do accept HND certificates for master’s programs.

In Conclusion

Canada, a country blessed with over 5% of the world’s natural resources, boasts an outstanding education system and high-quality higher education institutions. With a third-class honors degree from your home country, you can apply for a master’s program in Canada. We’ve listed several Canadian universities that accept third-class qualifications for master’s programs in Arts, Science, and Engineering. Additionally, you can explore related articles on the application process for master’s programs in Canada.

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