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Nigeria’s Minimum Wage Will Be Reviewed, Tinubu Announced



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Nigeria’s minimum wage will be reviewed in order to reflect the nation’s present economic circumstances, according to President Bola Tinubu.

He contends that in addition to strengthening the source and use of the nation’s revenue, the federal and state governments should jointly examine the minimum wage.

“We need to do some arithmetic and soul searching on the minimum wage,’’ adding, “We will have to take a look at that together, and the revenue. We must strengthen the source and application of our revenue.’’

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According to a report, the president told the governors, “I have inherited the assets and liabilities of my predecessor.

“This is the first time you entered the Council Chambers, and it is my first time too for a meeting.

“As progressives and thinkers under the umbrella of the All Progressives Congress, you have a role to play in educating our people and making sure we manage ourselves.”

“If we work together, the Nigeria of our dreams is not far away. Rest assured that we will not have multiple exchange rates anymore. You asked for this meeting, and I had to set aside time to be here.

“We have a political party that we will need to manage, whichever way, we have inherited assets and liabilities, and we cannot complain.”

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