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Npower Latest News For Today Sunday 5th February 2023



NPower Stipend Payment News For Today 3rd June 2023

Npower Latest News For Today Sunday 5th February 2023

Welcome to Flippstack, we have compiled all the latest Npower news making the headlines today 5th February 2023 that you might have missed, including, Batch C Stream 2 deployment, Stipend Payment, to keep you guys updated.

Npower Latest News For Today Sunday 5th February 2023

Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs Gives Updates Npower non-graduate Programme Training

The Federal Ministry of Humanitarian affairs gives updates in regard to the ongoing Npower non-graduate programme training across the Country. The first update was about N-Skills Phone Repair Training ongoing at Abak, Akwa-Ibom State. Part of the mission of these training exercises is to ensure that participants acquire the necessary skills with improved financial management and enhanced strategic planning.

The second update was the N-Skills Training on Wire Works and Jewelry making at Orozo, Abuja. The FMHADMSD is committed to creating a sustainable and inclusive social system that promotes human dignity for all in Nigeria.


The third update is the ongoing N-Skills catering training at the Jos Center, Plateau state, The N-Skills programme has assisted beneficiaries to learn independence, responsibility, and time management.

The fourth update is the ongoing N-Skills Welding and Fabrication Training at Utako, Abuja.

An update was also given showing the Beneficiaries (South-West Zone) of Npower N-Skills Jewelry Making & Wireworks at the training center in Ogun state.

While the Beneficiaries of these National Social Investment programs are been engaged to acquire skills, they are always grateful to the initiators of the programme for empowering them.


A week ago, beneficiaries of the NSIP programme turnout in mass to thank President Buhari for initiating the NSIP programme in Katsina, the Humanitarian Ministry has reported again that no fewer than 200,000 beneficiaries of the National Social Investment Programme thronged the Lafia Township Square on Saturday to appreciate President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR for lifting most poor and vulnerable persons out of poverty in Nasarawa state. Read details here Sadiya Farouq, NSIP Beneficiaries Thank President Buhari For NSIP

Npower Batch C2 to Receive Payment for 3-Month Backlog

In today’s Npower update, we delve into the subject of stipend payments and other pertinent issues concerning the Npower program. Keep reading to stay informed and up to date!

We have heard that the Npower team will soon make payments to those in batch C stream 2 who have not been paid for three months. This will happen after the stipends for 7500 NSIP independent monitors have been paid in full.

In the mission to help vulnerable groups, the FG Nigeria has resumed the payment of N20,000 cash grants to social investment programs. This initiative was flagged off in Anambra State on Tuesday, January 17th 2023, aims to provide financial aid to those in need.


The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar Farouk, led the program. She sent a deputy director from the ministry, Mr Charles Anaelo carry out the exercise on her behalf.

These are the queries that are on the minds of many of you. This is understandable given the proliferation of misinformation being circulated on various media and social media platforms.

Any person or channel claiming that you may not receive your payment for this month is doing so for the sole purpose of attracting clicks and views, given the present circumstances.

Rest assured, your stipends will be disbursed shortly and all you need to do is exercise a bit of patience.


Your monthly stipends are being processed and will be delivered to you via the same payment method you have been receiving them through all this time.

Beneficiaries Frown At Nasims New Year Wishes

Npower Volunteers Frown At Nasims New Year Wishes for 2023 due to continuous delay of the batch C stream 2 three months stipends payment.

This frowning came as a result of an update given by the management of the Npower program Nasims via their social media channels as seen in the image above.

The volunteers were seen lamenting under the post that Nasims shared to wish them a happy new year.


However, Npower management has said that they acknowledge that they have not fulfilled their obligations towards the Batch C2 graduate category beneficiaries, and it is regrettable too, However, we are hoping to turn things around in this new year. Kindly remain diligent and positive while we do that. Npower said!

Npower N-Knowledge Training Finally Comes To an End

The training for N-Knowledge which started in October 2022 at the Public Service Institute of Nigeria, Abuja has come to an end for the North Central beneficiaries.

The training started this time about 10 weeks ago, when young Nigerian youths were enrolled in various camps across the country, enthusiastic about learning and gaining professional skills and certificates under the N-Knowledge program.

Today, they have become certified professionals, ready to impact their immediate communities.


Nonetheless, while the Npower knowledge beneficiaries are completing their in-camp training, the graduate category of the Npower batch C stream 2 programme is patiently waiting hoping to get their first stipend payment this month of December since their enrollment in October 2022 .

As regards the Work Nation and Next scheme for the exited Npower batches A, B, and C1 beneficiaries! Nothing new has been said regarding that yet. Until then, we advise that you stay tuned for new updates whenever they are released by the Npower management team. Npower Latest News For Today Sunday 5th February 2023

Humanitarian Ministery Denies Any Official Engagement with Dbanj

The Ministry in-charge of the Npower Programme, Ministry of Humanitarian affairs denied any official engagement with Dbanj stating that its attention has been brought to recent publications regarding ongoing investigations in relation to fraud allegations in the Programme.

The following are what the Ministry stated:


1. The Ministry has deployed a well-rounded mechanism for selection of eligiible beneficiaries from across the country and this has been in place since the inception of the program. Working with our Service Provider, Program Beneficiaries are onboarded, trained and deployed to pre-selected Places of Primary Assignment.

2. When it came to our notice that there may have been sharp practices by some personnel of the Payment Service Provider (PSP) involved in the payment processes of beneficiaries, the matter was immediately referred to ICPC for thorough investigation. We are aware that certain persons have consequently been invited for interrogation as part of the ongoing investigations.

3. In the meantime, we have carried out thorough reinforcement of our systems to eliminate all anomalies and prevent similar occurrences in the future. To this end we are in close collaboration with ICPC to support the successful determination of the investigation.

4. The public may wish to note that in a bid to ensure transparency and accountability in the implementation of N-Power and other National Social Investment Programmes, namely the National Home Grown School Feeding Programme(NHGSEP), Government enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP) and the Conditional Cash Transfer(CCT), the Ministry has over time involved other government MDA‘s, Security Agencies and Civil Society Organizations in monitoring and compliance checks across the 36 states of the country and the FCT.


5. We want to assure all N-POWER beneficiaries of Federal Government’s continued commitment to the programme and the subsequent off-boarding channels activated.

6. All program beneficiaries should therefore continue to apply themselves to their utmost at their Places of Primary Assignment. All monthly stipends will continue to be paid in line with program expectations.

7. We call on members of the public to come forward with information on any irregularities noticed in the implementation of the National Social Investment programme through the following channels:

Email: [email protected], [email protected]


Phone: 0700 CALL NSIP, 070022556747 or 07030859183WhatsApp

ICPC Detains D’banj Over Alleged Diversion of N-Power Fund

Flippstack gathered that the Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Commission, ICPC, has arrested and detained Oladapo Oyebanji, known by his stage name, D’banj, over the alleged diversion of N-Power fund.

The musician was arrested and detained Tuesday after ICPC operatives closed in on him, to surrender himself at the Agency’s headquarters in Abuja.

According to ICPC Nigeria on Twitter:


“The N-Power is a scheme established by President Muhammadu Buhari on 8th June 2016, to address the issues of youth unemployment and empowerment, and help increase social development.

“The Commission had received numerous petitions on the diversion of N-Power funds running into billions of naira following the approval and release of such funds to the beneficiaries by the Federal Government.

“Many N-Power beneficiaries had complained over the non-receipt of the monthly funds in spite of payment by the Government.

“About 10 persons have been invited by ICPC over the last few months in connection with the N-Power fraud, and have been granted administrative bail after their detention. Several invitations to Mr. Oyebanjo to appear before a team of investigators were ignored and not honoured.”


Npower Begins NTech (Software) Training For Beneficiaries As They Hail Female Trainees

The Npower management team Hail it’s Female beneficiaries of the Npower Tech program. In an exciting mood.

According to Npower management in its recent post on Facebook wrote:

Wait a minute, what is going on here? Is the future female?
Female or Male, Well done to our N-Power Tech (Software) beneficiaries undergoing training to be the best Service Professionals in Nigeria.

N-Tech Software is one of the Npower non-graduate programme categories where beneficiaries are trained on how to develop software applications.

Npower Work Nation Assessment Test Cutoff Mark

The Npower work Nation assessment test cutoff mark, and what to do next after the work Nation assessment test.


It is no longer news that the management of Npower Nasims is preparing the exited Npower batch C1 Beneficiaries to meet specific industry needs in line with global shifts in the nature of work and skill set demands by introducing the work Nation assessment test learning platform.

In view of the above, it is important to note certain things regarding the work Nation to clear your mind, since some of you are beginning to ask questions.

The work Nation assessment test cut-off mark that you have been asking for, our advice to you is to try and score higher marks at least 50 and above in all subject attempt because Npower pays attention to higher score if you can relate to the Npower Programme enrollment text then you will understand what we mean.

For exited Npower batch C1 who is asking what to do Nexit after taking the work Nation assessment test, we will advise you to wait patiently for the next instructions from Npower management Nasims and work Nation team.


Npower Latest News For Today Sunday 5th February 2023


Sadiya Umar Farouq Presents Npower and other NSIP Programme 2023 Budget

The continuity of the Npower and other NSIP programmes in 2023 depends on the Ministry’s 2023 budgets.

The Honourable Minister, Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar Farouq, has presented the Ministry’s 2023 budget estimates to the Senate Committee on Special Duties at National Assembly, Abuja.

The Minister who was accompanied by the Permanent Secretary and Directors of the Ministry during the budget defense stated that the total sum of N35,595,233,430.00 only was allocated to the Ministry’s Headquarters in the 2022 appropriation Act. The budget comprises a total recurrent expenditure of N1,073,705,755.00 only and a total capital allocation of N34,510,760,413.00.


On the performance of the 2022 budget, the Minister revealed that total sum of N291,652,083.36 only or 58.3% of the total overhead expenditure was released as at 30th September 2022 while the sum of N1, 810,565,093.45 or 48.00% was released for Capital Expenditure for the same period.

She further disclosed that the total sum of N288,041,185.32 Million, or 98.76% of the total amount released for overhead cost was utilized and committed, while 99% of the total Capital releases or the sum of N1,799,286,437.81 only was utilized and committed to finance Capital projects of the Ministry.

On the 2023 budget estimate, the Ministry’s 2023 overhead ceilings was increased from the sum of N499,975,000 in 2022 to the sum of N512,474,375 in 2023. This represents a 7% increase over that of 2022; to cushion the effect of inflation

Faroug, said It is pertinent to note that the 7% increase in the overhead ceiling is not commensurate to the 20.77% inflationary rate in the economy, conversely, the capital budget ceiling was reduced from the sum of N3,749,510,414.00 to N1,083,01 7,733 which represents 71% reduction in the 2022 capital budget.


She said “it is pertinent to note that you the 71% reduction in Capital and 7% paltry increase in Overhead is grossly inadequate to run its day-to-day operation”. Npower Latest News For Today Sunday 5th February 2023

Sadiya Farouq Latest NSIP Programs Review

The Minister of Humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development, Sadiya Umar Farouq Latest NSIP programs Review.

On Tuesday, on behalf of His Excellency President Muhammad Buhari, FMHDS Minister Sadiya Umar Farouq visited Bayelsa and Delta States to condole with the government and the good people of the States over the unfortunate flood disaster in the states that claimed lives and properties.

She commended the Bayelsa and Delta state government for their support to their people during the initial time of distress, adding that the government sympathizes with all the victims and states devastated by the disaster.


Given the magnitude of the devastation in the State and most parts of the country at large, Sadiya Farouq informed them that His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari approved the release of 12,000 metric tons of assorted food commodities from the National Strategic Reserve for distribution to victims of this flood disaster in the country as a way of assuaging their suffering.

In addition, there are relief materials and other interventions have been provided since July 2022 by NEMA Nigeria.

The Minister also used the opportunity to flag-off the disbursement of the Grant for Vulnerable Groups programme (GVG) in Delta State and to roll out the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP) in both Bayelsa and Delta. Npower Latest News For Today Sunday 5th February 2023

Npower Releases Work Nation Support Contact Number

If you are one of the Work Nation registered Batch C Stream 1 beneficiaries who are yet to write his/her test because of one issue or the other, you will be happy to know that Npower has released a Support Contact Number to make it easy for you to send your complaints to the correct work Nation support channel.


According to Npower, Batch C1 Beneficiaries who are experiencing any difficulty in taking the work nation test should kindly contact the work nation helpline for assistance via this number: +234700688768723

That’s all for the Npower Latest News For Today Sunday 5th February 2023, make sure to share this article and always come back from time to time for more Npower’s latest news.

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