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Glo Cheapest Data & Calls Tariff Plans and Migration Codes



Glo Cheapest Data & Calls Tariff Plans


Glo Cheapest Data & Calls Tariff Plans and Their Migration Codes

Glo is the only Nigerian-owned telecom service and one of the largest data providers in the country. As the country’s very own telecom service, they tend to offer the cheapest data plans compare to MTNAirtel, and 9mobile.

Glo is one of Nigeria’s leading telecommunications companies. The company has over 50 million customers and keeps a competitive edge by offering affordable rates in attractive packages.

In this article, we will be walking you through different GLO Cheapest Data & Calls Tariff Plans currently available to their subscribers, so keep reading.


Glo Cheapest Data & Calls Tariff Plans and Their Migration Codes


Migration code: *777#

BEREKETE 10X is the best Glo tariff plan for data. It is the default prepaid plan for new customers, having replaced BEREKETE++. It starts automatically when a new customer activates their new SIM with a minimum of N100 and makes the first call. The activation also attracts a one-time joining bonus of N1000.

Additionally, new customers get a 100% bonus for every data plan they purchase, monthly for the first four months, and a data bonus on their first recharge of each month for six months. All subscribers get a 10X bonus on every recharge. The 10X reward for recharges between N100 and N5,000 is divided into 500% for data and 400% for voice.

2. Glo Bounce Tariff Plan

Migration code: *170*4#


Best Glo tariff plan with 15k/s call rate and free data

Glo Bounce tariff plan offers the best and most competitive flat rate tariff to all networks with unlimited and unparalleled value most especially for our upwardly mobile customers. Call for as low as 15k/s flat-rate to all networks (MTN, Airtel, Ntel, Smile, 9mobile etc) and as low as 11k/s to your friends who are on the Glo Bounce Plan.

On migrating to Bounce, you get:

  • Free RBT (Ring Back Tunes).
  • Unlimited free SMS: 1 free SMS for 1 charge.
  • 15MB on every ₦200 recharged.

3. Glo 22X

Glo 22X is a prepaid plan from Glo which rewards its customers with amazing data voice benefits every time they recharge their Glo lines. The plan makes it able for customers to satisfy their browsing and talking needs from the same recharge. All existing customers who have not made use of their line for consecutive 30days will get 22X benefits immediately after they recharge their lines with 100 or more.

How do I know if I have received the 22X Bonus?

Confirmation messages will be sent to your phone after every recharge. In the unlikely event that a confirmation message is not received, kindly dial #122# to view your 22X bonus.

4. Glo Bumpa Tariff Plan

Migration code: *100*10*1#


Glo Bumpa prepaid plan gives you 200% bonus on all recharges above ₦100.  This is the most cost-effective tariff plan in the market and giving 3 times the value of whatever is recharged.

For instance, If you recharge ₦1000, you will be given ₦3000 (₦1000 + ₦2000 “200%”). This 200% bonus is placed on every recharge forever, there’s no limit. Also, bear in mind that on this plan, On-net and Off-net call rate are charged at 50K/s.

How to Migrate To Glo Bumpa Tariff Plan

  • Dial *100*10*1#

How To Check Glo Bumpa Airtime Bonus

  • Dial #122*2#

5. Glo Free Tomorrow Tariff Plan

Migration code: *300#

Glo Free Tomorrow Tariff Plan allows you to get everything you used today tomorrow, imagine a tariff plan that gives you twice what you have used today tomorrow.

With Glo Free Tomorrow, there’s no limit to what you can use for calling, texting, browsing and more. Glo Free Tomorrow gives you the chance to get DOUBLE your daily usage back the next day. Usage is charged at 28k/s, N4/SMS and 5K/Kb while Bonus is charged at 56K/s, N8/SMS and 10K/Kb


With Glo Free tomorrow, whatever you use today, you get DOUBLE back FREE TOMORROW. No conditions attached. You get back double what you use on a daily basis the next day. Simple.

How To Migrate To Glo Free Tomorrow Tariff Plan

  • Just dial *300# and you get back Double your daily usage the next day. Subscription is FREE.

6. Glo Jollific8

Jollific8 is a prepaid tariff for new customers only. Therefore, there is no migration code, and existing customers don’t have access to it. Every recharge of N100 and above attracts an 800% bonus. Users also get free voice and data, plus an extra data bundle they can gift to other users.

New customers automatically subscribe to this tariff upon activating their lines with a top-up. The bonuses have varying validity depending on the recharge amount.

How To Migrate To Glo Jollific8 Tariff Plan

  • All you need to do is, purchase a new Glo SIM card, recharge airtime with *123*PIN# and you’ll be automatically activated on the Jollifi8 Call Tariff Plan on Glo to get 800% bonus.

How To Check Jollific8 Bonus Balance.

  • By dialling #122# for Voice/data benefits and *606# for data gift benefits.

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7. Glo G-BAM Tariff Plan

Unlike Glo Infinito, which allows you to add 10 family and friends, this package allows you to call five (5) special numbers at only 11k/s and enjoy 5MB of free browsing every day. It provides a unique proposition to Nigerian youths by allowing them to check their emails, use Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

How to migrate to Glo G-BAM Tariff Plan

  • Dial *10*5*1#

8. Glo 11k/s Tariff Plan

Migration code: *211#

Glo 11k/s Tariff Plan is a simple flat tariff plan which allows customers to enjoy a heavily reduced call rate on local and international calls.


With this plan, calls are charged at 11k/s to all local networks and for international calls to 30 top destinations.

The destinations include; United Kingdom, United States, Canada, South Africa, India, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Israel and Australia. Others are Bangladesh, Brunei, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, French Guiana, Guam, Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Puerto Rico, Reunion Island, Romania and Singapore.

How To Migrate To Glo 11k Tariff Plan

  • Dial *211# to migrate to the plan


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