8 Ways to Easily Make 5000 Naira Daily without Investment 2023

8 Ways to Easily Make 5000 Naira Daily without Investment 2023

Nigerians have always struggled to make money, and as the year comes to an end, they are constantly looking for information on how to make money online in 2023 so they can be ready.

People constantly search for alternative means of making a livelihood in place of the alternatives of white-collar jobs, which are challenging to obtain, given the state of the economy as a whole and the lack of available employment.

In this article, we will demonstrate how you may make 5,000 Naira each day in Nigeria without having to spend any money at all. You can also acquire new skills and discover new opportunities with our help.

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8 Ways to Easily Make 5000 Naira Daily without Investment 2023

1. Online Tutoring

People have the opportunity to teach whatever course they are qualified to teach on websites like Preply. They must teach a wide variety of courses, from sciences to languages. Students sign up for your course and pay you a price for it.

Your tutoring fees are set by you. Since it is largely in dollars, transferring it to naira and charging $20 per class for which many students apply could result in a decent wage. It’s simple to sign up, and you must create a brief video describing yourself and your job. One technique to earn 5000 Naira a day in Nigeria is by doing this.

Why Become an Online tutor?

  • You can choose your baseline amount to earn by setting your class fee.
  • signing up is free.
  • Convenient and flexible as you choose your class periods.
  • Easy to partake in as you would be teaching a course you are qualified to.

2. Blogging

This is one of the most popular ways to make money online in Nigeria and in general in our contemporary times. Once you demonstrate that you have the knowledge people need, it has proven to be a very lucrative business, thanks in part to well-known blogs in Nigeria like Linda Ikeji and Remitano blog.

Why blog?

  • Easy to set up.
  • Offers convenience and time flexibility.
  • It offers a wide range of options or topics to talk about.
  • Cons
  • It can take a long time to gain traction and pull in enough traffic to generate profits.

3. Affiliate marketing

In Nigeria, affiliate marketing has long been a well-liked method of making money. It entails a company or product owner paying an affiliate a commission for each client acquired or item sold as a result of its marketing initiatives. Simply put, you are compensated by the proprietor of a firm for each service provided to a customer whom you advised. There are affiliate programs on many websites, like Remitano, Jumia, and Konga. You can even strike up agreements with friends who own businesses to become an affiliate.

Why affiliate marketing?

  • It is not restricted to only an online means of making money, as it can be done offline.
  • Time flexibility, as you can market products at your pace.

4. Selling School Notes

Selling college notes is another means of earning money in Nigeria. Students can earn money online by selling their class notes and drawings on websites like Stuvia and Nexus Notes. Since there won’t be a need to sell similar notes, a jotting must be original. Nexus accepts well-written, simple-to-understand notes. Every time a note is downloaded, students are paid; the average estimated profit per sale is $17.

Why sell notes?

  • Allows payment irrespective of the number of times your note is downloaded.

5. Selling Your Photos

A unique solution to the problem of how to make money online in Nigeria is to sell images. We’ve all encountered websites where downloading photographs requires you to make a purchase. If you are good at photography, there is a great chance for you to make 5,000 Naira online. By putting their own photos on sites like Adobe Stock and Shutterstock, among others, people can earn money from the downloads of their images.

Why sell pictures?

  • Simple to get started.
  • There are many different kinds of niches to enter.

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6. Social Media Influencing

In Nigeria, this is one of the most popular and extensively used ways to earn money online. People frequently interact on social media, which has grown to be a potent tool in recent years.

Think about the social media site Instagram, where businesses and firms may approach influencers with a sizable following and request that they post a picture of themselves using their product. A post’s price can be set by you to a maximum of 50,000 Naira.

Why Become an Influencer on Social Media?

  • It’s simple to get started because you may utilize your existing personal social media accounts.
  • You organize your work around your own schedule and speed.
  • When utilized properly, Instagram can be a lot of fun.

7. Freelancing

This is recognized as a trustworthy way to earn 5000 Naira every day in Nigeria. People who are self-employed or unattached to an employer are known as freelancers. Writing isn’t the only form of freelancing; you can also conduct data research, site or app development, proofreading, etc. All you need for potential clients is a laptop, an internet connection, and a strong skill set.

In order to get you recruited, clients place their jobs and write compelling cover letters. How competent you are at completing prices and writing positive reviews will determine your ability to earn big profits. Upwork, freelancers, and Fiverr are a few websites that offer freelance labor. Despite Fiverr being a tight website, they feature user-friendly interfaces.

Why freelance?

  • It gives you a huge number of options of jobs from which you can choose which you are best qualified for and would be able to apply.
  • It offers convenience and time flexibility as you can choose the types at which you can work. . ## 4. Virtual assistant This can be a fairly new way of how to make money in Nigeria. A virtual assistant is a person who offers administrative services to clients online. A lot of sites, including Upwork and freelancer, have clients who need virtual assistants. Using these sites can get you paid hourly, depending on your agreement with the client.

8. Youtuber

One of the most popular tools in Nigeria for making money online has emerged quickly is YouTube.

Depending on how many views, likes, and followers each video gets, YouTube content creators can earn well over 5,000 Naira for each one they produce. Any video that has the potential to gain viewers and develop a devoted fan base has the potential to be made money, and independent companies may choose to promote via you as a middleman.

Why Become a YouTuber?

  • It is simple to get started, and you may register, record, and publish everything from your device.
  • Make yourself available to a larger audience, as doing so can help you achieve a worldwide reputation.


Nigerians have been debating how to make money online for years. In 2023, one could earn money online through blogging, freelancing, selling notes, selling their images, working as a virtual assistant, and using the brave browser.

8 Ways to Easily Make 5000 Naira Daily without Investment

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