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NG Cares Grant Application Form 2022/2023 – Application Now Open



NG Cares Grant Application Form 2022/2023

NG Cares Grant Application Form 2022/2023 – Application Now Open

The NG CARES Grant application form is now open for registration.

NG Cares is a federal initiative to support Nigerians affected by the Covid19 pandemic, still stands for National Covid19 Action Recovery & Economic Stimulus.

Embedded in the Nigerian Government’s Economic Stabilization Plan, NG-CARES aims to support the government in responding to the Covid-19 crisis by restoring the livelihoods and food security of poor and vulnerable households in the country and promoting the recovery of MSEs.

The Nigeria/National Covid-19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus (NG-CARES) Intervention Programme is out and ongoing for all Nigerians to apply.

The management wishes to inform the general public that NG-CARES (COVID-19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus) is now open for registration.

The World Bank is the main sponsor of the Nigerian government to support this initiative. Because they are using the so-called subsidies. The ‘World Bank Grant’ is worth seven hundred and fifty million US dollars ($750,000,000) to provide immediate assistance to those affected.

This program will be effective for a period of two (2) years from 2021 to 2023. Each federation will receive $20 million ($20,000,000) for two years, excluding the FCT, from June 30, 2017. A total of $15 million ($15,000,000) will be awarded in 2021, while another $15 million ($15,000,000) will be awarded to federal care assistance. NG Cares Grant Application Form 2022/2023

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About FG NG-CARES Covid-19 Grant

NG-CARES- is a multi-sectoral programme, which in addition to the ongoing implementation of the Economic Sustainability Plan (ESP), is a furtherance of the Federal Government’s response to the socio-economic fallouts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The National Covid-19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus (NG CARES) will assist vulnerable Nigerians who were hit by the pandemic. It is a multi-sectoral programme designed to provide immediate emergency relief to vulnerable and poor Nigerians, smallholder farmers, and small and medium enterprises that were adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic using the World Bank grant of $750m over a period of two years which is from 2021 2023″.

Each state will receive the sum of $20 million dollars over a period of two years while the FCT will get $15 million and the Federal Care Support gets $15 million.

NG Cares Grant Application Form 2022/2023


Target Businesses

a) Micro businesses (3 – 9 employees)

b) Small businesses (10 – 50 employees)

Application Supporting documents

Below are the documents needed in order to access the grant

1. Proof of identification (NIN, Driver’s License, Voter’s Card. etc.)

2. Proof of residence (Utility Bills, Voters Card)

3) Proof of age (NIN, Voter’s Card, Driver’s License)

4) Proof of Bank Verification Number (BVN Printout duly stamped by the Bank)

5) Proof of business operations (Cash Book Register, Bank Statement, etc.)

6) Proof of business ownership (CAC Registration Documents, TIN)

Key note:

  • NG-Care is a federal and work bank scheme
  • It was set up to help alleviate high levels of poverty and access to wealth as a result of the Kovid-19 epidemic.
  • About 50 750 million has been provided by the World Bank.
  • The central government will play a monitoring role.
  • The state has to implement the use of funds as they are to find the weakest people at the grassroots level.
  • Various states have opened their portals for this purpose.

How to Apply Online for NG Cares

The procedures to be followed in applying are very simple, as the application form has already been shared with the following persons;

Community CDC chairman.
Agents of NG CARES.
Community-women leaders.
Community youth president.

Apply Online Now

  1. Eligible applicants can register using the NG Cares portal link (given below by state).
  2. The verification process will start after registration
  3. Successful beneficiaries will be reached by a text message for a scheduled count.
  4. Approval will be given after verification
  5. delivery/payment

For information, visit

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