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How To Change JAMB Email And Link it in 2022



How To Change JAMB Email And Link it in 2022

How To Change JAMB Email And Link it in 2022

Welcome to Flippstack, in this article, we will be guiding you through how to change the JAMB email and how to move from the old JAMB portal to the new portal if you used last year’s email.

This solution is mostly for applicants who registered for this year’s JAMB using the same email they used last year.

But, before you go any further, we recommend that you never use the same email address to register for JAMB more than once to avoid complications.

If you know of anyone else who wants to retake JAMB, please warn them to never use the same email address to register for JAMB twice. Instead, use a separate email address to avoid problems.


How To Change JAMB Email in the JAMB Portal

The only solution to move your old JAMB portal to a new portal if you used last year’s email, is to open a new JAMB profile with a new email and then link your JAMB registration number.

Note, that you will not be able to use your old email that is linked to your old JAMB profile to create another profile.

Rather, we will teach you how to create a new JAMB profile account and link your JAMB Reg. Number to be able to check your admission status.

  • Visit
  • Enter your new JAMB Email in the first column
  • Retype the email in the second column
  • Fill in your JAMB phone number in the next column
  • Retype the phone number in the next column for confirmation
  • Select any secret question in the next column and provide an answer to it
  • Finally, click on “Verify eMail” to proceed
  • After that, login to the new email and copy the confirmation code JAMB sent to you
  • Return to the registration page and enter the confirmation code
  • On the next page, fill in your personal details (exactly as you used for your JAMB registration) and create your profile

Linking your New JAMB Email Profile to your JAMB Registration Number

Now that you are done with creating your new JAMB profile with another email, it is time to link it to your JAMB registration number.

We hope this works for you. But if it doesn’t work, then make sure you check the JAMB office phone number for your state here and call them to seek assistance.

Why is it a necessity for jamb candidates to link their email?

In accordance with the jamb’s new regulations for the creation of a jamb profile with NIN, It has been discovered that most candidates have found it unnecessary to link their email afterward.


However, below are the reasons for you to link your email address with jamb:

  • It enables you to access your JAMB CAPS.
  • Without linking your email, you won’t be able to view your O’level or check your admission status in JAMB CAPS.
  • Payment and the change of course, if the need arises.
  • Change of institution.
  • The payment and the printing of the original jamb results.
  • Payment and the printing of admission letters.

Can I use the same email address twice?

Using one email address twice is not an issue but a problem it may pose because the first one was used to create your jamb profile.

So, to avoid the avoidable problem that is likely to follow, it is advisable to use a new email address for the registration and let go of the previous one.

Again, ensure you don’t use the same email address or phone number twice for jamb registration. Many candidates have encountered a lot of problems due to this.

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