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How To Subscribe MTN Night Plan 1.5GB For N150 and 2GB For N200



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How To Subscribe MTN Night Plan 1.5GB For N150 and 2GB For N200

MTN is still blessing its customers with the best Night Plan data offer which has currently been upgraded further with an Accumulation process of up to 2GB for N200 and 1.5GB for N150 and is usable starting from 11 AM to 6 AM.

We all know that previously, the MTN Night plan subscription begins from 12AM and expires at 5AM, but currently, the new MTN night plan update comes with a whole new level, which lets MTN pulse customers subscribe to a whooping 2000MB for just N200 and 1500MB for N150 only.

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All you Need To Know About MTN Night Plan 2GB For N200 and 1.5GB For N150

  • Strictly for MTN Pulse Tariff Customers only
  • MTN night plan 11pm to 6am
  • MTN Night Plan is not a free browsing cheat as it is paid for.
  • MTN Night Plan is not unlimited as it has a limited threshold.
  • Two categories of the MTN Night subscription plan include N25 for 250mb and N50 for 500MB respectively.
  • MTN night subscription plan starts at 11AM and ends by 6AM.
  • MTN Night Life plan can be accumulated 4 times only.

How To Subscribe MTN Night Plan 1.5GB For N150 and 2GB For N200

  • Open your iPhone or Android device dialer and input USSD code *406*3# to see available MTN night plan subscription plans. (If not already on MTN pulse, then simply dial *406*1# to migrate to MTN Pulse).
  • Now select preferred subscription MTN Nightlife plans ( N25 for 250MB or N50 for 500MB).

To know more on how to get the 1.5GB for N150 and 2GB for N200 kindly continue reading below to see the trick. Don’t forget MTN night plan is now 11pm to 6am daily.

How To Accumulate MTN Night Plan up to 1.5GB and 2GB in 2022

To accumulate the MTN night data subscription plan, simply repeat the subscription process again and your night plan should be accumulated.
For the MTN night plan N150 for 1.5GB, all you have to do is simply activate the MTN N50 for 500MB 3 consecutive times.
For the MTN night plan N200 for 2GB, perform the N50 for 500MB subscription plan 4 times, which is the maximum you can get on MTN night subscription plans.

Finally, How To Check MTN Night Plan Data Balance In 2022

In order to check your available nightlife MTN data balance of either the n25 for 250MB or n50 for 500MB, simply dial ussd code *406*3*3#.

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