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Top 10 Mobile Apps Every Girl Should Have On Her Phone



Top 10 Mobile Apps Every Girl Should Have On Her Phone

Top 10 Mobile Apps Every Girl Should Have On Her Phone

As a girl, there are apps you should have on your mobile phone to help you balance your lifestyle. In this article, we will be walking you through those apps to enable you to balance your lifestyle and have more fun with your smartphone.

This group of apps will turn your smartphone into that helping hand you’ve always wanted. You’ll be able to conquer everything, from beauty, lifestyle, fitness, finance, health, and social media with these extremely useful apps for your phone.

The applications we will be listing below have been carefully analyzed by our team to make sure they will be helpful to any woman that decides to install them on their smartphone.


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Top 10 Mobile Apps Every Girl Should Have On Her Phone

Below is a list of mobile apps every girl must have on her phone to help balance her lifestyle.


The first on our list is Wattpad, this app is for girls who love reading, you will find different types of love and romance books to read in this app.

The platform is an open platform because everyone is allowed to create accounts and upload their books there. You can also find other historical books on the platform as well and it is completely free to read.


Wattpad can be where you start your writing career if you are interested in writing books or poems. It has to be one of the best apps every girl should have on her phone. you can also check the best app for reading books on Android

Flo (Period Tracker)

Flo is another great app every girl out there should have on her phone. With this app, you easily track your period and it can also be used to keep an eye on your weight and daily health issues.

The most beautiful aspect of this app is that you can enter various data with this app and even use the calendar to track various activities about your health. This app can be very useful and it is important to have it especially as a teenage girl.

Calm (Meditate, Sleep, & Relax)

This is another cool app to have on your mobile phone like a girl, it is mainly for meditation, sleep, and relaxation.


It has over 10 million downloads on PlayStore and has been recommended by psychologists and therapists because it can help you feel relaxed. There are several sleep stories, meditation guides, relaxing music, breathing programs, and some masterclasses.

On the app, you can get over 100 adult bedtime stories that will enable you to sleep and they also add new programs is added to help ease you into the day. It also has some nature sounds and scenes to use during yoga and meditation.

Skin Bliss (Beauty & Face Care)

As the name goes this is one of the best apps a woman should have it is unique and it focuses on giving you glowing skin. With the app you can find the perfect cosmetics that match your skin it can also help you check the quality of your cosmetics. The user interface is good and it is easy to understand and use.

One thing this app does better than others is that it has a database of over 30,000 cosmetic products. In case they don’t have any information about a certain product there’s no need to panic just snap the ingredient and a report will be made for you. with this app you will be able to spot products that are allergic to your skin and products that can be harmful to your skin.



We all know about Snapchat, how useful it’s been over the years for ladies who love taking pictures with their smartphones. With its filters and amazing features, it’s the perfect app to enhance your pictures.

It has recorded over 200 million users monthly 90% of users are ladies who love taking pictures. It also doubles as a social media platform where you can easily share images with friends and family.


Facetune2 is another photo editing app, it is used to enhance an image before sending it to your family and loved ones.

Facetune2 is jam-packed with photo editing features from colour correction to feature enhancements, perfect for every selfie and personality. You can use it to make your skin appear matte and flawless or remove annoying glares on your selfie, you can use this app to achieve whatever type of edit you want.


Nike Training Club (Fitness App)

This fitness app has over 10 million downloads on the google play store its main aim is to help you stay fit while you are indoors. The app is free and we figured out our beautiful women also need to keep fit and this is one of the best fitness apps right now.

There are yoga sessions, bodyweight workouts, and they are completely free. the exercises on this app are designed by top-class Nike fitness trainers. There are almost 200 free expertly designed workouts on this app.

Some are even designed to manage small spaces in case you don’t have a big space. fitness is wellness and as a lady it is important you download this application.


We know you would love to hop on these trending challenges now and then and TikTok was the biggest social media platform of 2020. Tiktok is fun and it is one of the easiest social media platforms to get engagements from.


Once you jump on a bunch of viral TikTok challenges you will see yourself being the next big tiktoker. The platform is unique and it shows us that short-form videos are the future. For ladies that like being goofy this app is really fun and you will enjoy using it. It has some sick filters and effects and it is somewhat like Snapchat.


This is a picture editing app that can transform some of your boring pictures to light. It comes with a lot of filters that can be used to enhance pictures. This app is more of a professional tool for editing pictures and it has over 100 million downloads on the google play store. You can even use it to edit RAW pictures and export them as JPEG. This app is on this list to use to make their photos look better. It is very easy to understand and use.

Piggy Vest

Finally, this is more like a finance app that lets you lock your funds to avoid extra vagrant spending which fits to be one of the apps every girl should have.  This app is one of the favorite apps women normally use these days. You can also decide to invest and get up to a 25% return of investment per annum. With this app, you would be able to accomplish your saving goals. It is easy to use with a very friendly user interface.

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There are many mobile apps out there a lady should have on the phone but the ones listed in this article are the top best apps a lady needs to have on her smartphone and they can be downloaded at PlayStore for Android users or AppleStore for iOS users.

If there is an app you have in mind that should make this list, kindly drop a comment below.

Top 10 Mobile Apps Every Girl Should Have On Her Phone

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